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The product
2 min read 2 days ago

What's New

Inbox: new right hand panel Take a look at the right hand panel! The inbox has a new information-filled right hand panel! Everything you need regarding the conversation: centralized.  The first section is simply the event information, so that it's always present when you need a glance.The second section is the members, so you know exactly who is part of the conversation (usually consisting of the event creator, event collaborators, supplier contacts, as well David and Sofia from the Planned team to ensure everything goes smoothly). The third section centralizes all shared files in the conversation, by category: quotes, contracts, invoices, and other. When suppliers upload documents, they're asked to categorize them so they can be organized accordingly. The last section isn't always there, but if the client company has defined payment terms, they'll appear here so everyone in the conversation is aware. Public Marketplace What requesting a Planned account looks like! The Planned marketplace is now public! We want non-registered Planned users to still get a sense of the unique, curated suppliers that can be found on our marketplace - so we made it public. By going to, now anyone can browse through our categories and look at what our supplier partners have to offer.  If they like what they see, they can request an account which will be verified rapidly!

The team
3 min read 2 weeks ago

Pure Passion

Not many people would move from California to Montreal in the middle of a pandemic, but that’s just one of the things that makes Madison Bonser such a special part of the Planned team. A psychology graduate from the University of British Columbia and a lover of anything active, Madison joined Planned in June 2020. Madison at the University of British Columbia. As with any early stage startup like Planned, employees often have to wear different hats. Given this nature, Madison has been a key player in driving supply and operations initiatives forward. Just a few months after joining Planned, Madison became lead on marketing, while also being an awesome organizer of many team activities. Here’s what Madison has to say about the changes since her arrival: “When I joined Planned, it was the beginning of truly onboarding vendors into the marketplace, as well as growing our partnerships with venues across North America. Since then, the Planned marketplace has exponentially grown, and our user platform has improved dramatically and looks completely different. As for marketing, we’ve really taken steps towards including our clients and partners, by featuring our partners in various outreaches and on our social media platforms. We’ve also been engaging with our clients in a highly meaningful way and receiving feedback through post-event surveys and conversations!” Since Madison has picked up more marketing initiatives, Planned’s online presence has grown and we’ve been able to connect with the event planning community at a much more significant level. Madison’s passion in her marketing and partnerships role at Planned shines through, and when asked how that connects with her major in university (psychology), she commented: “To me, marketing/partnerships and psychology are very similar; at the end of the day it boils down to human behavior and understanding people. I am incredibly passionate about connecting with people and understanding what motivates them. Marketing and partnerships allows me to explore that in a variety of ways and, in doing so, recognize behavior patterns and trends and utilize that data in multiple ways.” When she isn’t at the Planned HQ, she’s always on adventures in the outdoors! Along with her continuous drive and creative user-centric ideas, Madison wraps her high performance presence up in her contagious smile. A genuine pleasure to work with, Madison is excited about a few of her upcoming Planned projects: “We have several important initiatives underway. One being updating the website, which we're reinventing to make as innovative and exciting as our product is. We really want to have the website reflect how fun event planning can be and the constant desire to improve and elevate.” She adds that an overarching mission of the marketing programs is “building Planned’s credibility externally through various facets. We’ve created product listings on third party websites to view direct feedback from our users, because we’re always looking to build our product alongside our users. In addition to these two initiatives, we’re starting a Partner Program to collaborate with organizations across North America to grow our community and continue to revolutionize the event planning industry!” One of Madison’s favourite…

Event tips
3 min read 3 weeks ago

3 Planned Destinations

Last week, Planned sent out a newsletter exploring some of the cities in our marketplace that have incredible venues. For those of you who missed that… First things first, subscribe now! Second thing, here’s a little bit of what you missed! It’s no secret that our marketplace is filled with the best venues across North America- so let’s take a look at some of our top markets and the diverse venues there! Let’s explore! 🌮 Houston, Texas 🏈 Ronin 2 combines a chic feel with industrial flair to provide the ideal space for team dinners, business events, pop-ups, workshops, and so much more. With the contrast between the wood ceilings, brick walls and bright white walls, it’s a venue that is so versatile. House of Blues Houston is comprised of four distinctive environments including a luxe VIP club, a rocking restaurant and bar featuring contemporary and traditional Southern art and cuisine, a small elegantly designed private event room, and a large, multi-story spectacular music hall. This venue is no joke! 🗽 New York, New York 🚕 La Goulue New York is a revival of a longtime restaurant for traditional French fare in a setting with dark woods and mirrors. In this venue, make your private event an extraordinary one. This beautiful restaurant offers a warm yet stylish atmosphere that will happily host your next event! Blender Workspace offers in-house planning and production. The venue accommodates many event types, such as corporate off-sites, panel discussions, presentation and networking, media product launches, and brand activations. It’s modern yet rustic space will be a huge success with your guests! 🏀 Toronto, Ontario 🎵 Convenience Resto Bar has a cozy corner store that provides the entrance to this 80s-themed hangout with an upscale junk food menu. Get your nightly kicks and savour a menu of classic corner store items reimagined and a modern soundtrack full of tasty throwbacks from our featured DJs. Boxcar Social Harbourfront Centre, on Toronto’s waterfront, is an innovative not-for-profit cultural organization that creates events and activities of excellence that enliven, educate and entertain a diverse public. Discover all the venues in our marketplace in Houston, New York, and Toronto!

The product
2 min read 3 weeks ago

Saving Money with Planned

Promoting company savings has been a core value of the Planned business model since day one. Enterprise Clients Planned Enterprise clients are able to save time and money simply by being a client and using the Planned platform. Without Planned, these event planners go through a vendor on-boarding process every time they want to make a payment to a vendor. However, with Planned, clients only have to onboard one vendor (Planned) once, and have the ability to book thousands of vendors without any additional on-boarding. By avoiding the tedious process of having to onboard new vendors every time they host an event, enterprises are saving time and can focus on creating a successful event. Discovery of suppliers In all industries, but especially in event planning, time is money! By using the Planned marketplace and it’s fine-tuned filters, Planned clients are able to quickly narrow down their search for suppliers and find exactly what they need in less than half the time it would’ve taken them if they had used Google or other search engines. Compare quotes The beauty of having access to a large marketplace filled with incredible options is that clients are able to receive multiple quotes from various suppliers and compare their options internally. Clients can contact suppliers directly in Planned to receive quotes quickly and efficiently compare, side by side, to choose their best option. Planned exclusive discounts are only offered in the Planned marketplace. Exclusive discounts Unlock Planned discounts from suppliers all across North America. By joining Planned, event planners get immediate access to discounts that suppliers offer exclusively to Planned. This discounts won’t be found anywhere else! It’s the Planned mission to not only streamline the event planning process, but also make it efficient, cost-saving, and fun to do!

The product
3 min read 2 months ago

Filters and Icons

Planned is always innovating to find ways to simplify the event planning process for all event planners. Whether you’ve never planned an event before or you consider yourself a vet- we want to ensure that Planned clients save money and time.  One way we do this is by creating valuable and efficient filters and icons within our marketplace. That way, our clients can get to the suppliers they need, clearly and quickly.  Filters Due to the vast array of suppliers in our marketplace, we want it to be as easy as possible for our users to find the perfect suppliers for their event. Our venue filters narrow down search by amenities, Google ratings, facilities, style (a very loved filter!), price, indoor/outdoor, and level of privacy. We chose these filters with the help of our incredible clients- after hundreds of conversations with our users, we decided on the most important filters based on what they look for when sourcing. Going off the same conversations, our vendor specific filters are more streamlined, including vendor type, price, and social impact.  Some of the venue filters in the marketplace. Icons Unfortunately, we’re not referring to Britney Spears or NSYNC, but we’re talking about the cool little graphics in the Planned marketplace.  There are five icons you will come across when you are discovering the listings in the marketplace. Starting with the most loved- the 3D icon. This 3D icon allows users to know when a venue has been 3D mapped. 3D mapping is a virtual tour that allows you to explore the entire venue in just a few clicks. These mappings provide incredible value to event planners and saves a lot of time by avoiding the need to do an onsite tour.  The 3D icon on the right hand side of the listing. The virtual icon has been hugely important since the pandemic outbreak. This icon notifies our users that this supplier offers virtual services!  A third icon in our marketplace is the green check mark- what we refer to as the verified icon! Similar to Instagram- but also very different. This verified icon shows that this supplier is a preferred Planned partner, and we highly recommend them!  The last two icons: the woman icon and the heart icon. These two icons represent our two social impact filters. These two icons allow our users to search for specific suppliers that are women-led or minority-led.  The virtual icon on the upper right hand side, the verified check mark next to the supplier's name, and both the woman-led and minority-led (heart) icons next to the pricing. And that’s a wrap! These are the current filters and icons that are in our marketplace, but stay tuned as we continue to expand and find more unique ways to save our users time and money.

Event tips
3 min read 2 months ago

10 Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

If your team is still working remotely or permanently working from home, there is no reason to skip out on team holiday activities! Here are 10 ways to get your team together for some holiday fun! Gingerbread houses Whether you decide to decorate gingerbread houses just for fun or you make it into a friendly competition of who can make the most extravagant house- an evening of making gingerbread houses together virtually is a great way to get your team together! Our partner will send gingerbread houses to the doorstep of every attendee, and the fun starts as soon as everyone turns on their camera! Holiday-themed trivia night Grab a holiday beverage (hot chocolate is recommended), get cozy, and enjoy a night in with your team as a virtual host facilitates a team trivia night with specific holiday themed questions! Our suppliers like to spice things up during the holidays, so don’t be surprised if Santa Claus is the host! Chocolate basket delivery The holidays are a busy time of year, so if you can’t plan a virtual event because people are offline, taking extended time off, or just busy meeting last minute deadlines- we recommend choosing one of our incredible gift basket suppliers to send chocolate baskets to everyone’s home! One of our partners, Chocolats Favoris. Wreath making It’s time for your time to get a little crafty this holiday season. Our supplier sends material to your team’s doorstep and hosts a wonderful virtual wreath making party for you! Who doesn’t love a beautiful wreath on their front door? December fitness challenge Let’s get those endorphins pumping! Our fitness suppliers can plan a December-long holiday fitness challenge for your team! Whether you’re wanting to burn off those cookie calories, or just looking for a reason to stay active during the holidays, this is a perfect idea for a company-wide event! Wine and cheese tasting Nothing says the holidays are here like a little bit of wine and cheese to cap off your team’s week. With a professional sommelier who can pair the two beautifully, ship everything directly to everyone’s home, and walk you through the pairings, all you have to do is turn on your laptop, sit on your couch, and start feasting. Holiday feast cooking class Whether you’re a chef, or just a really good taste-tester, this virtual holiday-inspired cooking class will have your team sharing laughs, cooking tips, and not to mention have everyone’s kitchen smelling incredible! The chefs in our marketplace are incredible hosts and will cater to all levels of cooking experience and dietary restrictions! Wintery escape room Who said the holiday’s handle a little mystery! Book an online holiday escape room for a fun team building experience. Come together and try to escape the holiday madness together! The 'Escape the Holiday Madness' escape room. Jolly mixology class The possibilities are endless when it comes to holiday cocktails- cranberry mimosas, peppermint martinis, spiked eggnog, and so many more! Let our professional mixologists lead your team through a virtual holiday mixology class! Sugar and spice baking class Let’s not even begin to try to compete with Grandma’s famous sugar…

Event education
2 min read 2 months ago

We Asked, You Answered

Planned is always looking for new ways to connect with innovators around the world. Your input is a key way we stay connected to thought leaders in the event planning industry, so please keep your thoughts coming! Two weeks ago we shared a poll on two separate LinkedIn groups Event Planning Professionals and Event Planning & Event Management; and here’s what you shared. Question 1: What type of in-person corporate events do you like to plan? The question was answered by event planners throughout North America and from over forty nations! We were delighted to receive feedback from event professionals in these countries: Indonesia, Singapore, Slovakia, Australia, West Africa, Poland, Brazil, Barcelona, Ireland, Peru, South Africa, England, France, Saint Lucia, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Portugal, Madrid, Romania, Netherlands, Morocco, Switzerland, Tanzania, Serbia, El Salvador, Germany, England, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Malaysia, Denmark and several others. A few of the most common titles of those who responded included: Global Account Manager, Owner, Senior Vice President Marketing, Founder, Event Planner, and Chief Executive Officer. 33% like to plan holiday parties. 29% like to plan networking events. 23% like to plan product launches. 13% like to plan team building activities. Although a close call between the first three options, holiday parties took the lead in being the type of event you like to plan, ahead of networking events and product launches, respectively. Lastly came team building activities, unsure why so share your thoughts!  Question 2: What type of in-person corporate events do you like to attend? This question was answered by individuals living in England, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, United States, Sweden, Kenya, South Africa, India, Australia, Nigeria, Egypt. The professions ranged from CEO, Event Manager, Sales Agent, Managing Director, Operations Coordinator, Event Marketing Manager, to Human Resources Coordinator. 34% like to attend networking events. 28% like to attend holiday parties. 21% like to attend team building activities. 14% like to attend product launches. These results were not as close as the previous question, however, the top two are the same- networking events are your favorite events to attend, ahead of holiday parties. These two are followed by team building activities and product launches, respectively. It’s interesting to note that networking events and holiday parties are the two most popular types of events you like to plan as well as you like to attend. What do you see as the biggest differences in planning these events? And attending them? Share your thoughts with us on LinkedIn!

The team
4 min read 2 months ago

Part of the Evolution

The power of the Planned marketplace is a major value proposition that sets us apart in the industry. Currently, we feature over 20,000 carefully curated suppliers across North America. Over the past year, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Planned marketplace has evolved into an indispensable resource for event planners in major markets throughout Canada and the U.S.. The highly intuitive and user-friendly nature of our supplier discovery is largely the result of the talent and dedication of Stefan Trivuncic, one of Planned’s Senior Software Developers.Joining our team in October 2020, Stefan quickly established himself as an invaluable architect of Planned’s rapidly evolving platformin support of refining our user experience into the leadership position we enjoy today. Stefan- the tennis star at Planned! Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Stefan’s family emigrated to Canada when he was just four years of age. Their journey brought them to St-Jerome, a bucolic town on the Rivière du Nord and gateway to a ski country in the Laurentian Mountains. From a young age Stefan has enjoyed computers and science fiction, while also enjoying hockey and tennis — all of which he remains passionate about despite his busy schedule. Later, the family relocated to Ottawa where Stefan studied Criminal Justice at Carleton University, earning his Bachelor’s degree with a minor in Business Law. Stefan’s first exposure to programming came about while working atAcademie de la Capitale, an independent school using the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum which incorporates a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) approach to learning. There, Stefan was introduced to coding as the lead instructor was a computer science professor at the University of Ottawa. Stefan teaching at Academie de la Capitale. “He introduced me to the world of programming and the opportunities it brought,” Stefan recalls. “I have no formal education in software development and am completely self-taught via various online mediums of educational platforms for software development, like Udemyand FreecodeCamp.” “I originally wanted to go to law school to become a corporate or intellectual property lawyer and focus on areas in technology. But it became clear to me that the law was always reactive and not able to catch up with the ever changing technologies and software. I decided that I would rather be hands-on and be part of the evolutionin software development instead of just reacting to it as a lawyer. During the rest of my B.A, I would balance my time between my university classes, learning to code, and work at that private school teaching students during the school year and summers.” His journey eventually led him to join Planned in October 2020. When he initially joined Planned, the software was beginning to shift and that involved a lot of oversight, planning, and moving away from copious amounts of legacy code. While that process was initially difficult and required a dedicated team, Stefan has enjoyed seeing the progress of where the application started to where it is now. “Working in the Marketplace, you really get to see where the application shines in terms of providing a variety…

The product
2 months ago

Addressing Payments

An issue our clients have faced time and time again has been sorting out the internal bureaucratic pieces of onboarding a supplier for an event payment. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to 6 or more months to happen. Or at least that was the case before Planned came along.  A huge value proposition that we offer Planned clients is that all their payments are directed to Planned- meaning we’re the supplier you need to onboard- ONCE! By joining Planned, event planners save time and money!  It’s really that simple. You’ll have access to thousands of suppliers and make all your payments directly with us on the platform, so you only ever have to onboard us, once.  By having Planned as your verified supplier, we’re promoting variety and originality in corporate events, so event planners don’t have to stick with the same venue they’ve booked ten times in a row.  Not only does this make the supplier onboarding process streamlined, but it also allows Planned to have all payments centralized for your convenience. Your financial reporting can be broken down by event, category, city, and more so your company has easy to understand financial information. 

The product
2 min read 2 months ago

What’s New

Marketplace filters The venue marketplace has a few updates! Narrow down your search for your event’s venue even further with 10 new filters, including style, rating, and various amenities & facilities. These filters promote time saving and narrow down your search to EXACTLY what you’re looking for in a venue! Map browsing Even cooler: browse via our new map. Browse your event’s city with an interactive map that highlights the venues all around. You have the ability to zoom as far in or as far out as you wish to ensure the prime location for your event! If you want options, then zoom in, scroll around and you’ll find venues block and block! The map feature in New York. Collaboration When you share an event with a colleague, they’ll be able to browse, save, and contact suppliers from that event too. All event collaborators will have access to conversations started with suppliers, so anyone can jump in if needed. It’s quick and easy, and most importantly FREE! Inviting colleagues to collaborate has never been easier. Join Planned!

Event tips
2 min read 2 months ago

Unpacking Planned Packages

In case you missed the big news on Wednesday — Planned Packages are LIVE! Here’s the lowdown: WHAT Planned Packages are sets of pre-chosen suppliers that are conveniently curated for different types of events. So what does this mean? Essentially, we’ve selected a venue and a variety of suppliers for your next event, so that the discovery aspect of planning events has become even easier! WHY One of our missions at Planned is to make event planning as easy and streamlined as possible, so we’re constantly innovating and launching new tools and features that reflect that mission. Planned Package is an example of our commitment to continuous improvement of our platform and services. Planned Packages are perfect for making it easier to meet deadlines, simplifying the challenge of finding suppliers, and inspiring your next event to be the most memorable and engaging ever. HOW Event planners can browse the packages on our website and filter by the city in which their upcoming event is happening. Then, simply choose a package that fit your event planning needs. At any time we invite you to speak with an Account Manager on how to book your choices in the marketplace! Nothing could be easier or more intuitive. WHERE These packages are available now in New York, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, and San Francisco. Stay tuned as we’ll continue to expand our markets and include cities all across North America. So, whether you’re planning a meeting with potential clients, a virtual networking event, or an outdoor summer event- Planned Packages are the perfect way to plan your next event! Check out the Planned Packages on our website today!

The team
4 min read 3 months ago

Develop Relationships

According to Indeed, a crucial aspect of creating a long-lasting client relationship is providing an excellent service starting at the very first interaction with the client. Some ways to ensure that this occurs is by: clear and concise communication, remaining human, learning their needs, providing expertise and exceeding expectations. “Businesses that develop great, long-term relationships with their clients are more likely to receive repeat business from those clients. Satisfied customers might recommend your company, product or service to a colleague, leading to new business. With positive, enduring client relationships, companies can achieve overall business success and create larger projects for their customers' benefit.” Luckily for our team, much of those first interactions with clients are taken on by Planned’s Partnerships Coordinator, Charles Langevin. Now a part of the Planned team for over a year, he has become a crucial part in developing and maintaining strong client relationships. His approach allows the relationship to focus on the clients’ needs to figure out how Planned can provide a solution. His ability to engage in meaningful conversations and express genuine concern has allowed clients at Planned to know that they are in good hands. When Charles isn’t working with clients, he's in full-adventure mode! He is usually cycling and golfing or travelling around Quebec in great company! (follow @charleslexplorateur on instagram for more content). His easy-going nature follows him along on all his travels, and he is looking forward to the reopening of the borders for his next getaway. Specifically he is looking forward to completing some hikes in South America in the future! In addition to his passion for travelling, part of the reason Charles handles business development and client-facing tasks so well is due to his education and experience. In April 2020, he graduated from HEC Montreal with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing. Since September, he has been pursuing a Master's degree in Strategy. His passion and interest within university courses lies on those that focus on innovation, modern business strategy, and consulting. His strong work ethic enables him to continue to make a positive impact on the client journey at Planned. His professionalism, enthusiasm and passion for our clients, has helped him maintain strong relationships with clients even throughout the uncertainty and navigation of the world of virtual meetings this past year. Charles’ dedication to our clients comes from his love for developing relationships - “I love to listen to people's needs and help them improve their condition.” Beyond meeting with clients, his desire to contribute to the overall success of Planned is shown in his ability to collaborate with the Sales and Supply teams effectively, and align strategies. Charles shared what a day in the life looks for him at Planned: “First of all, I am far from being a morning person, but Planned has allowed me to get into the habit of being productive, even in the morning. My coffee is always ready for my first meeting at 9 am with the team, otherwise from 10am I jump from one call…

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