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The Product
2 min read 2 days ago

The Overview

Planned is a platform designed to connect corporate event planners with suppliers across North America. The marketplace is filled with over 20,000 unique venues and highly talented vendors, which planners can browse and filter through, to find the perfect match for their events. The marketplace spans across a variety of categories such as food and beverage, staffing, venues, experiences, speakers, equipment and decor, and so much more. The platform also enables planners to converse with suppliers, share documents such as quotes and invoices, make payments, and track spending, all in one place.  The Planned marketplace, filled with various categories, like venues, experiences, transport, staffing, etc.  The platform has been used by companies all across North America, to celebrate product launches, employee training sessions, holiday celebrations, client meetings, and every event in between. By speaking with clients throughout the product development process and channeling client feedback, Planned has been able to confidently address the stresses of endless Google searches, disorganized email chains, muddled budget tracking, and other common frustrations faced by event planners.  The ‘My Events’ dashboard that consolidates all of your upcoming and past events.  Planned is an intuitive platform that empowers corporate event planners with greater efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities. It’s a platform that is revolutionizing the event industry. If you’d like to learn more about Planned, see how to unlock lower rates, and bring your team together, one event at a time, then book a demo today. 

Event Tips
3 min read 5 days ago

Meet in Montreal

As the second most-populous city in Canada and largest in Québec, Montréal has the highest number of restaurants per capita which makes for an incredible location for corporate events. With its historic architecture and laid-back atmosphere, it’s no wonder this metropolis on the Saint Lawrence River ranks as the number one host city for international events in North America. Among Montréal’s claims to prominence are as the birthplace of the world-famous Cirque de Soleil, host city of the 1976 Olympic Games, and home to Expo ’67, often cited as one of the best World Exhibitions of the 20th century. We’ve been proud to call Montréal our hometown since Planned’s founding in 2017. Take it from us that the city of “Concordia Salus” (salvation through harmony) and its venues will surpass your guests’ expectations. Golf Exécutif Montréal This venue has taken traditional respects of a golf club and modernized it. With a number of facilities like a 9-hole golf course, practice grounds, driving range and golf simulators, this venue delivers an exceptional experience for those that appreciate refinement and class, which can be used for many kinds of activities and events, both during and outside the golf season. Au Sommet Place Ville-Marie and Restaurant Les Enfants Terribles Reflecting current architectural trends, you will enjoy breathtaking views of Montreal from this fully glazed venue. Gypsy Kitchen and Bar With its Californian design, this venue invites you to stop your trip in a cozy yet soothing ambiance. A perfectly balanced mix of wood and concrete blends with plants and natural textiles in order to create a comfortable space. It’s a paradise for digital nomads and for local and eco-friendly food lovers. Bord’Elle Imagine entering a venue that has three distinct spaces inspired by the 1920s that will make you feel as if you have traveled back to a time of great prestige. Every space was carefully designed to bring an air of exclusivity and a definitive sense of sophistication. Enjoying the beautiful venues in Montreal is easy when you use our marketplace to discover all that they have to offer, from amenities like sound systems, furniture, display screens, and natural light, and facilities like loading docks, storage space, and wheelchair accessibility. Take comfort in knowing that these Planned venues will enhance your event. Discover our Montreal venues now!

Event Tips
2 min read 2 weeks ago

New Stop, Vancouver

It’s no secret that British Columbia in the summer is unbeatable. With everyone out and about, walking, running, swimming, roller skating, and everything in between, the vibes make for a great four months of sunshine. Our marketplace is filled with venues in Vancouver that will make your summer events unforgettable and surrounded by British Columbia’s natural beauty. Magic Yacht Charters With the largest and finest fleet of charter yachts in BC, Magic Yacht Charters has two decades of experience. “Rain, snow, or shine, our yachts are always a good time.” “Somewhere tropical or one of the social spaces on our yachts? Cozy up on our sofas in our recently renovated yachts.” Polygon Gallery The Polygon Gallery’s distinctive architecture is prominent along the North Vancouver harbour front, appearing as a singular, cohesive form. “The Polygon is one of Canada’s most acclaimed photography and media art galleries.” The new gallery’s central mass floats above the ground plane, providing access to a new public space and a sweeping view of Vancouver’s skyline across the inlet.” Dockside Restaurant Located on the waterfront where Granville Island faces the city, guests can enjoy panoramic views across False Creek to the world-famous cityscape of Yaletown and beyond to the mountains of the North Shore. “Our waterfront dining room is a perfect place to take in the view of False Creek and Yaletown.” “Sunny days by the water are our favourite part of summer.” False Creek Yacht Club The lounge and award-winning club boasts some of the most spectacular water views in the City of Vancouver and can be the perfect backdrop to your night. “Located in beautiful downtown Vancouver, we are a first-class Yacht Club and Marina.” “Our view is the best view!” Enjoying the warm months with great views in Vancouver is a must for visitors and residents alike, so check out all of our picturesque venuesin our marketplace that take full advantage of the natural beauty of Canada’s paradise by the Pacific.

Event Tips
2 min read 1 month ago

Summer Twenty-Twenty Won is Coming!

Ensuring our marketplace is jam packed with curated vendors and venues to meet your needs is our top priority. With summer approaching, we’ve added more outdoor venues and warm weather experiences for you to discover. Here are some outdoor venue ideas to keep in mind: Hotel Nelligan in Montreal This setting provides for a dynamic environment with stone and brick walls, offering signature, old-city style. Island Oyster in Brooklyn An innovative venue that creates and operates experiences focused on food and maritime views. The Chase in Toronto The rooftop restaurant highlights what is loved the most about upscale dining, and presents it in a modest and thoughtful way. Townhouse Hotel in Miami Townhouse Hotel Miami Beach provides the complete home-away-from-home experience, where making footprints on the beach is minutes away from leaving your mark in downtown Miami. Enjoying the warmer summer months is easy and stress-free at one of our spectacular outdoor or rooftop venues. Check out our extensive and growing inventory of hotels, restaurants, and social distancing-friendly venues. Pump up the fun with live music, dance performances, immersive cooking experiences, or an outdoor movie night! Book a demo today and let Planned empower your next event.

The Team
5 min read 2 months ago

Ownership and Involvement

Planned exists to offer event planners everywhere the best solution available for their events. In practice this translates to providing a dashboard view of the multitude of decisions and tasks which make an event successful — reliably providing event planners with a seamless, efficient, and comprehensive platform which enhances the experience of event planning for all planners. Over the past year we’ve taken advantage of the pause offered by the COVID-19 pandemic and re-invented our platform from the ground up. Our team of developers and user interface designers have created new features, a more intuitive interface, and easier discovery of suppliers. As the pandemic recedes and social restrictions are easing in many markets, we’re continuing to see the results of their hard work. You’re probably thinking that building a product of this complexity and scope must be challenging. It is exactly that, especially when one considers that our goal of completely transforming the event planning industry is a moving target due to ever heightened expectations of our users and industry trends, many of which have emerged to adapt to the new post-COVID-19 world. Among the programmer wizards at Planned is the talented and resourceful Mark Conn, our Senior Software Engineer. Upon joining the team last August, Mark’s to-do list was well defined: help rebuild the foundation of the Planned platform. This rebuild would support an ambitious new feature set which will leapfrog us ahead of the competition. Since then he has been instrumental in completely restructuring our product and the way that our clients interact with it. A focus throughout 2020 was to recreate our product so that it would be scalable and eventually a self-serving platform. Mark recognized that the foundation of the platform had to be rebuilt from scratch. He shared that, “we brought in tools that would help us really achieve a more robust and serious platform. NextJS replaced our hand-rolled React boilerplate for our client app. Typescript became universal across all apps. We picked Material UI for our component library.” Mark’s passion for software development began in 2015. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from Concordia University in Montreal. And from 2007 to 2019, he joined the military as an infantry soldier and eventually got specialized as a close protection operator and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014. Amongst returning home from Afghanistan, he decided it was time for the next chapter and found a coding bootcamp, DecodeMTL, that piqued his interest. From then on, his career in software development unraveled. Mark shared, “I always thought software was fascinating but I felt like an outsider in the sense that it seemed closed off to only those with computer science degrees. However, I learned that this wasn’t truly the case, and that anyone could access the material to learn and try their hand at it.” He naturally enjoys building and the foundations of what engineering is, and recognizes that software development is a career that is needed in any industry. “There’s a bit of a stigma of the old fashioned ‘programmer’ who just sits around hacking in solitude, but…

Event Education
2 min read 2 months ago

One Earth, One Event

“Without urgent action, global waste will increase by 70% on current levels by 2050” according to the World Bank. Although the official celebration of Earth Day is once a year, the well being of our planet should be prioritized every day. As a leader in the event planning industry, we want to shed light on the vast amounts of waste produced by events, and some tips to reduce it. The event planning industry has found creative ways to approach events more sustainably, and we wanted to share them. In our panel discussion, Let’s Talk Sustainability, the panelists address our social responsibility, as an industry, to ensure that events do not unnecessarily contribute to the increasing amounts of global waste. If you were unable to attend, check out the recording: here. Our panelists shared their experiences in creating a greener event industry: Halley Chambers, Director of The Oberon Group Simeon Priest, Founder of Equal Parts Cocktail Company Megan Munro, Founder and Owner of Caribou Gifts Don Sagarese, VP Sales & Marketing at Ascari Hospitality Group Keith Gispert, Co-founder of Popcorn Palooza Here are a few tips that were shared: Help reduce the waste produced by events annually. A thought worth considering… The annual events that your company hosts are also hosted within other companies (i.e. holiday parties). Thus, the amount of waste produced from your event is most likely amplified ten fold by the other events. If each company takes their annual events as an opportunity to promote sustainability, then the waste produced will hugely decrease. Surround yourself with colleagues and partners who focus on sustainability. Creating a community…It takes a village to ensure sustainable events become the norm. Rather than fighting the battle against unnecessary waste alone, partner with suppliers in your area who also practice green initiatives. By creating a network of sustainable suppliers, it allows green events to become the norm in your area! Shop local whenever possible. Focus on local…Be sure to source local products whenever possible to reduce potentially negative affects on the environment (i.e. less carbon emission). As well, learn about local businesses in your area that can assist you in producing greener events. As a way to promote sustainabilty, we created an icon to indicates to our clients which of our suppliers are practicing sustainable initiatives. Let’s all continue to restore our Earth, one event at a time. Stay tuned about upcoming Planned events through our bi-monthly newsletter: here.

Event Education
3 min read 2 months ago

The Future of Events and the Planet

Tomorrow the world celebrates Earth Day. With this day, comes the sad reality that, if we continue to consume natural resources at the rate we are today, the natural resources our planet provides us with will significantly decrease within the next 60 years. It’s everyone's responsibility to understand the environmental footprint each event hosted has and finds ways to decrease it. To celebrate Earth Day and spread awareness about some event planning sustainability initiatives, we are hosting a panel discussion on Thursday, April 22. RSVP here! Issue According to the Ecosystem Event: “Meals are typically the biggest generators of waste at events. The actual amount of waste per attendee ranged from 0.1 pounds up to 3 pounds, per event.” Solution Speak with your food caterer about the initiatives that they have for reducing waste, and ask if they are able to give you a post-event waste report. Another option is to speak with your caterer and explore options for donating untouched food to local nonprofits. Issue Waste360 shared that, “in 2020, 6.7 million people strewed trashacross 15 major cities at 77 events such as the Super Bowl, the US Open and the Midtown Music Festival in Atlanta. The Daytona 500, the largest single-day sporting event in the United States, created enough trash to equal the weight of the entire 43-car starting field.” Solution Focusing on implementing sustainable practices in these large events will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on our planet. First, remove single-use plastic when possible and replace it with reusable and recyclable materials. Second, ensure that the vendors are equipped with compost, trash, and recycling bins so they are able to throw away the waste appropriately. Issue According to Fast Company, “When you think about all of the energy and resources that go into making just one of the tote bags that I have just thrown into the trash–only to end up in a landfill–the impact in staggering.” Solution What is a trade show without the free swag? Although trade shows and conferences include free promotional products, it’s important to reevaluate the practices within that marketing tactic. These days you can find any promotional product of the same or higher quality that is made from recycled materials. Rather than giving away ten items made of single-use material, direct your focus on creating one high quality branded item that everyone will use after the event. As an industry our events can generate a huge amount of unnecessary waste, but only if we let them. As a way to promote sustainabilty, we created an icon to indicates to our clients which of our suppliers are practicing sustainable initiatives. Luckily the event planning industry is innovative and crafty, so we know that through various initiatives within the Planned tool and the passion to restore our planet from our clients, we are able to set a new standard for what it means to host an eco-friendly event.

Event Education
3 min read 3 months ago

The Takeaway

Although International Women’s Day has passed, let’s continue to commemorate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. As a leader in the event planning industry, Planned understands the importance of transparency in discussing social issues. To celebrate International Women’s Day Planned sponsored two panel discussions about gender equality in the event planning industry. Our panelists were four pioneers in the event industry who are individually highly successful: Lynn-Fergusion Pinet, Co-owner and Chief Team Architect of Conundrum AdventuresDanielle Schulz, Corporate Wellness Director of The Triangle SessionsÉmilie Brunet, President and Founder of EMI EventsIoanna Antonopoulos, Senior Account Manager of Groupe Antonopoulos The purpose of these events were to encourage our community to have open conversations both during the event and after. A few takeaways: COVID-19 and the Future of Events Although the economy is re-opening and social restrictions are gradually being reduced, virtual events will continue to forever be a part of the event planning industry.Each individual enterprise needs to understand the responsibilities they hold as a leader in the event industry, and make the decision on their own accord for when they will begin hosting in-person eventsWe can take notes by looking at other industries that have brought people back together safely such as; primary schools, universities, gyms, and the performing arts. Rather than trying to create a new solution, we can lean on surrounding industries and understand how they manage to safely gather individuals. The Glass Ceiling The glass ceiling, an unofficially acknowledged barrier to advancement in a profession, in the event planning industry, is not specific to the industry. It’s the exact same glass ceiling faced in industries across the board.The event planning industry is highly skewed since it is a female dominated industry and yet in senior roles you still see a disproportionate amount of males.Rather than focusing on the restraints society has placed, it’s more important to focus on your work and let your successes shatter the glass ceiling. Combatting Zoom-fatigue Zoom-fatigue is real, so keep that in mind when you plan virtual and hybrid events. A large part of creating a successful and engaging virtual and hybrid event is to make it interactive. Some examples of how to take your event to the next level:Utilize the breakout rooms on your streaming platform by breaking into smaller groups to promote more intimate and comfortable conversations.Send a delivery. Create a deliverable aspect to your event, by including a gift basket with clues for the virtual event or a box of goodies that everyone opens on camera together.Attendees miss the open bar and table of appetizers at events, so bring that into their home by ordering a boxed lunch or a cocktail making kit delivery for everyone. Let’s continue to support one another and let Planned reconnect your company, safely. Read about the Women of Planned: here. Watch our Youtube video of the discussion with Lynn and Danielle in English: here. Watch our Youtube video of the discussion with Émilie and Ioanna in French: here.

The Team
4 min read 3 months ago

Learning to Adapt

In accomplishing an objective of maintaining a strong level of usefulness within our client base, the tracking of behavior and user feedback is crucial to closing the loop between the customer experience and the ongoing product development process. Much of this responsibility rests with Planned’s Key Account Manager, David Cottingham. Celebrating his second Planned-anniversary today, David has become pivotally important in ‘taking the temperature’ of our users to measure how they rate their overall experience. David’s professionalism has been a calming influence throughout the pandemic that all his colleagues appreciate. The importance of client feedback and client usability testing cannot be understated, especially within a company that has developed a product to revolutionize an entire industry. Planned is thrilled to be in such a collaborative industry with hardworking and dedicated clients. We take pleasure in continuing to create tools to make their lives easier, and our Account Managers are key players in maintaining those relationships. David’s drive to succeed can be seen in many milestones and successes within his life. He graduated from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia with a degree in Finance and accepted an offer to join the Finance team at the Royal Bank of Canada. With his entrepreneurial mindset he noticed an untapped market and founded a barbeque ‘tune-up’ service company during the summer months, cleaning backyard grills for those in his local area. Fortunately for Planned, David’s curiosity for the tech industry drew him to seek opportunities outside of banking. On March 31, 2019, Planned, at the time known as Entr, onboarded David and has greatly appreciated the effort he puts into any task at hand since. Throughout his journey at Planned, David has witnessed shifts in the company and the product, sharing that “we’re more big picture — we focus on how to get user adoption across an organization and ultimately aim to sell our product to an enterprise. Enterprise sales wasn’t even a thought when I first started. It was a team effort to get to where we are…“ A mission of Planned is to include our clients in the product development process, and at the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, David headed the Discovery Program. The goal of the Discovery Program was to allow our clients to help us continue to improve our product as the solution to all of their event planning needs. With the goal of channeling client feedback to the Product Development team, the initiative was designed as an exercise in continuous user services improvement. We want our clients to know that our product is for them and that many event planners face similar challenges so to be able to solve those has given us great pride. David’s approachable and calm demeanor makes him a natural leader and a talented Account Manager. A client shared, “If I had to rate how much he helped me and eased the stress of planning my latest event, I would say he’s a six out of five stars!” As a team player David shared, “typically speaking, no weeks are ever the same [at Planned] and that’s part of working at a startup.”…

The Team
4 min read 3 months ago

The Women of Planned

The global events industry was valued at approximately $1,135.4 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow exponentially during the next decade. Serving a pivotal role in the economy and across a wide spectrum of industries, it’s worth noting that between 60%-80% of meeting, convention and event planners are female.In contrast, an estimated 20%-30% of jobs in the technology industry are held by women. As a tech company blazing trail in the event planning sector, Planned is a combination of two statistically different industries. Thanks to the dedication of our entire team, we are well on the way to establishing Planned as the premier all-in-one event planning platform. Today, and every day, we celebrate this accomplishment as a culturally diverse group of professionals working toward the common goal of dominance throughout the event planning ecosystem. On March 8th the world celebrates International Women’s Day. Observed since the early 1900’s, this is an annual moment to commemorate the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It is also designed to signal that there is much more work to be done to achieve true equality around the world. Although women have made tremendous strides since the “suffragette” movement of the early 20th century, continued progress must be made with each successive generation. This March 8th we invite you to join us in celebrating International Women’s Day’s 2021 campaign theme #ChooseToChallenge. It’s an excellent opportunity to recognize the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women and re-dedicate ourselves to accelerating women’s equality. The official art for International Women’s Day 2021. At Planned, we’re fortunate that our corporate culture includes these exceptional team players and outstanding contributors to the Planned mission. The question of ‘What does International Women’s Day mean to you?’is a stimulating and thought-provoking springboard for discussion. How one answers may be informed by culture, upbringing, or personal experience. Here are thoughts on the subject the women of Planned wanted to share: “It’s about celebrating how far women have come yet recognizing that there is still a long way to go. It’s a commitment to the fight for equality.”“In its most simple form, International Women’s Day is about gender equality. It’s about embracing the progress that has been made thus far but understanding there is still work to be done. We’ve seen incredible leaps and bounds made by women in all industries across the globe, as women are holding more seniority positions and continuing to break the glass ceiling. However, it’s important to take into account that it is also about recognizing that in less developed countries, the gender inequality faced goes so far as to be a life or death circumstance and that is not something that people should turn a blind eye to.”“International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate girls and women across the world. Not only is it a reminder of how far we have come towards achieving gender equality, but it is also a reminder of how far we still have to go.”“To me, International Women’s Day is about celebrating all women everywhere,…

The Team
4 min read 4 months ago

Improving Every Day

It takes effort, a clear and actionable vision and a lot of planning to take on a leadership position in the global event planning industry. As has been evident, especially in the past year of growth, Planned is well on the way to establishing our solution as the premier all-in-one, no-cost event planning platform. None of this would be possible without our leadership team and the talented software engineers and developers who bring the vision to life. One of those talents is Alex Beauchemin, Planned’s Principal Software Engineer. Today we celebrated Alex’s one-year anniversary at Planned and we congratulate him for repeatedly going above and beyond. Alex joined Planned at the onset of the pandemic and has since played a pivotal role in improving our product from the inside out. A core goal of Planned is to continually add more seniority and skill to our software team in our quest to provide event planners with the best solution. We view software developers as creative problem solvers who are able to confront obstacles and find more impactful solutions to issues that arise. The team of developers at Planned figure out the “how” of the product and work in collaboration amongst each other, all while building relationships with the others on the team. As a quintessential team player, Alex says a combination of the seniority and skill “has huge effects on our codebase, which we see improving every day, and will really help with scalability and stability [of our product] in the future.”He also added it “also helps onboard new people as the codebase is becoming cleaner and easier to understand everyday, even though we’re adding complexity and preparing to add a lot of new features.”Alex’s career as a Software Engineer is somewhat unsurprising if you look back at his interests as a child. At a young age he enjoyed math and science and was fortunate to have access to a computer at a time when it was less common for households to have even a single desktop computer.His fascination with computers, desire to problem solve, and curiosity led him to start programming small HTML and CSS websites at the age of twelve. Alex says, “programming stuck with me from a young age,I think because I like the scientific and mathematical component behind it, but also the creativity and creative process that comes with it.” Alex grew up in Abitibi-Temiscamingue, a region located in western Quebec. Known as Quebec’s best-kept secret, Abitibi’s landscape is covered in vast acres of spruces, firs, and other undisturbed nature. As a true Quebecois, one of his favorite foods is poutine, a dish originated in Quebec, of french fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy. After completing receiving a degree in Multimedia, focused on 3D modeling and visual effects, from the University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Alex began his professional career as a Web Developer and Front-end Developer at various companies in Montreal. Throughout his profession, Alex has been inspired by innovators such as, George Hotz, an American security hacker and software engineer who is known for reverse engineering the PlayStation 3 which landed him a lawsuit brought on by Sony, and Dan Abramov, who is a…

Event Education
6 min read 4 months ago

Celebrating Valentine’s Day

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Planned sponsored a three day Exclusive Event. Hosted as an alcohol-free cocktail-making party, a two-course cooking class and a Lebanse-inspired baking class, we designed this virtual event as an interactive way to showcase three incredible Planned partners. Knowing that our clients are spread out across North America we were happy to have attendees join virtually from Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Markham), United States (California, Atlanta, Texas) and the United Kingdom (London). It’s no secret that when arriving at an event, most people are thinking “I hope the food is good!” or “First stop, the bar!” and we wanted to keep that dialogue going, even if we’re unable to gather in-person. By providing ingredient lists and recipes to the attendees each host was able to walk everyone through the recipes while answering questions and allowing everyone to engage with each other. So, here’s the rundown! Listen Bar Lorelei Bandrovschi, the Founder and CEO of Listen Bar, a booze-free bar in Brooklyn, began the first evening with a small dance-party to shake off the day and remind attendees that this virtual event wasn’t another Zoom meeting! Listen Bar’s motto “all bar, no booze”​ emphasizes their mission: to rewrite nightlife beyond alcohol. They have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America and The New York Times among other notable publications. With homemade spicy lime juice, strawberry consommé and rosemary syrup on deck, Lorelei got the party started! First up the Spicy AF, which combines the citrus of lime, tart flavors of grapefruit with a kick of sliced jalapeño. One drink in and insightful conversations in breakout rooms, Lorelei moved onto She Pretty. Poured into a coupe glass… she was pretty! A few delicate drops of rosewater and the deep red of the strawberry consommé topped with a fresh flower, She Pretty made for a picture perfect drink! Last, but certainly not least, Ghost Me Maybe! A truly amazing trip for your tastebuds to embark on, it combined the beautiful aroma and sweetness of rosemary syrup with a balance from the sourness of lemon juice both leveled out with tonic water. Listen Bar was able to virtually transport attendees from their individual homes to a beautiful NYC bar by using a combination of beautifully curated alcohol-free cocktail recipes, imaginative conversations, and the techno-dance music throughout. One attendee shared: “That was amazing! I think there’s a large misconception that cocktails always need to contain alcohol, but Lorelei showed us that they can be just as delicious and fresh without alcohol!” O’s Kitchen Catering As the energy was high and attendees were excited after Tuesday night’s virtual “night-out”. Wednesday night’s experience was hosted by Ola Akintola, the Owner and Chef at O’s Kitchen Catering. Based in Dallas, Texas, Ola turned what started as a one-off cooking opportunity in university as a member of the African Students Association into a successful catering company only in a few years time. In addition to being a successful chef, she recently published her first cookbook,Upscale Comfort. From cooking as a young child in Nigeria, Ola brings fresh ingredients, high quality spices, and passion to the classes she teaches. An attendee shared, “Ola was a…

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