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The product
2 min read 3 months ago

Our newest feature: RFP

Planned is always finding new ways to make event planning more efficient. Recently, this involved building out an in-app Request For Proposal (RFP) feature. A Request For Proposal allows Planned clients to create event briefs with all their upcoming event information, and send it to multiple suppliers at once! The value of an RFP As Planned was building this out, we were keeping in mind the three value propositions that the RFP feature should encompass. Saving time and money This feature allows users to quickly showcase their upcoming event needs to multiple event suppliers in a matter of minutes. It’s an easy way to save time and money, by not having to reach out to each supplier individually. Compare multiple quotes An RFP allows the user to more easily compare quotes that are built out to meet their event needs. Suppliers can build out quotes to match the request so the user can share that internally before coming to a decision. This also promotes money saving by being able to get a quote within your budget! Source the best fit This feature is built to promote sourcing the best event suppliers for all events. Rather than choosing just a few suppliers to save time, users can now expand their reach quicker and make sure that they’re choosing the right supplier every time. Building out an RFP in Planned. There are 4 easy steps to filling out an RFP on Planned. Simply input your event details, add the services you are looking for, and any overnight accommodation that is needed, and click all the suppliers you want to share the RFP with. It’s really that simple! You’ll receive email notifications as soon as suppliers respond, and you’ll be able to start direct conversations with ones that you liked, or have more questions for. In a matter of seconds you can contact multiple suppliers at once. If you’re interested in learning more about this feature, please RSVP for our upcoming LinkedIn Live Demo to see this feature live with part of the Planned team: here.

The product
2 min read 5 months ago

Supplier Recommendations

Part of the event planning process is discovery and sourcing the perfect event suppliers. A mission of Planned is to decrease the time spent on that process by 60% or more. One way that Planned is aiming to do that is by recommending suppliers directly to our users based on their event needs. With this new feature, all Planned users will receive event supplier recommendations directly from the Planned team! If you don’t love what you see or want some more recommendations for different supplier categories, you can easily request more recommendations and select the categories. After recommendations are added to your event, you and all event collaborators will receive an email regarding the new recommendations. Viewing your recommended suppliers from ‘My suppliers’. Once you’ve browsed the recommendations, you have the ability to add your favorites to your ‘Saved’ list and contact the supplier immediately. This new recommendation feature is a great way to collaborate with your Account Manager who can help you with all your events! Check it out now by creating an account or logging in.

The product
1 min read 7 months ago

What's New

New onboarding flow The simple steps for creating a Planned account. We have a new onboarding flow! All new users will go through a new onboarding flow: a few screens that ask some questions to make their first experience of the platform smoother. We prompt users to create an event right away (even if it's a test event!) so that they can explore Planned's features as best possible. We're also introducing our new referral program in this flow: inviting colleagues will earn you a $25 Amazon gift card! A new look for the marketplace The new navigation bar in the Planned marketplace. The marketplace has a new look! We've combined the categories into one menu, with examples of supplier types under each, to make easier to browse.  We've also adjusted the cards to represent the information better so it's easier to know which suppliers you want to click into!

The product
2 min read 8 months ago

Holidays with Planned

The holidays are right around the corner, and as soon as Halloween passes- it’s out with the spooky season and in with the hot cocoa! Let’s break down how to use Planned for planning your best holiday party yet! Once you’ve signed into the platform, you can add your other event planning helpers as collaborators for your event. Whether your workshop is a two person team or a ten person team, everyone can have oversight into the planning process to share thoughts and give feedback. Now for the holiday miracle: our marketplace is filled with incredible holiday-inspired venues and vendors to fill your event with joy and festivities. One of many holiday options that can be done virtually! From a wreath making class to an enchanting wintery venue, our suppliers know exactly how to host a successful holiday event. So once you’ve browsed the marketplace and saved a few of your favorites, you can speak with them directly. The Planned inbox allows you to converse with suppliers directly! After you communicate with each supplier, receive quotes, and invoices: all that’s left to do is book the suppliers and let the magic happen! The dedicated Planned Account Managers are always there to help you along your event planning journey! After the magical event, Planned will follow up to hear about the event and ensure that everything went smoothly! Let the holiday planning begin.

The product
2 min read 9 months ago

What's New

Inbox: new right hand panel Take a look at the right hand panel! The inbox has a new information-filled right hand panel! Everything you need regarding the conversation: centralized.  The first section is simply the event information, so that it's always present when you need a glance.The second section is the members, so you know exactly who is part of the conversation (usually consisting of the event creator, event collaborators, supplier contacts, as well David and Sofia from the Planned team to ensure everything goes smoothly). The third section centralizes all shared files in the conversation, by category: quotes, contracts, invoices, and other. When suppliers upload documents, they're asked to categorize them so they can be organized accordingly. The last section isn't always there, but if the client company has defined payment terms, they'll appear here so everyone in the conversation is aware. Public Marketplace What requesting a Planned account looks like! The Planned marketplace is now public! We want non-registered Planned users to still get a sense of the unique, curated suppliers that can be found on our marketplace - so we made it public. By going to, now anyone can browse through our categories and look at what our supplier partners have to offer.  If they like what they see, they can request an account which will be verified rapidly!

The product
2 min read 10 months ago

Saving Money with Planned

Promoting company savings has been a core value of the Planned business model since day one. Enterprise Clients Planned Enterprise clients are able to save time and money simply by being a client and using the Planned platform. Without Planned, these event planners go through a vendor on-boarding process every time they want to make a payment to a vendor. However, with Planned, clients only have to onboard one vendor (Planned) once, and have the ability to book thousands of vendors without any additional on-boarding. By avoiding the tedious process of having to onboard new vendors every time they host an event, enterprises are saving time and can focus on creating a successful event. Discovery of suppliers In all industries, but especially in event planning, time is money! By using the Planned marketplace and it’s fine-tuned filters, Planned clients are able to quickly narrow down their search for suppliers and find exactly what they need in less than half the time it would’ve taken them if they had used Google or other search engines. Compare quotes The beauty of having access to a large marketplace filled with incredible options is that clients are able to receive multiple quotes from various suppliers and compare their options internally. Clients can contact suppliers directly in Planned to receive quotes quickly and efficiently compare, side by side, to choose their best option. Planned exclusive discounts are only offered in the Planned marketplace. Exclusive discounts Unlock Planned discounts from suppliers all across North America. By joining Planned, event planners get immediate access to discounts that suppliers offer exclusively to Planned. This discounts won’t be found anywhere else! It’s the Planned mission to not only streamline the event planning process, but also make it efficient, cost-saving, and fun to do!

The product
3 min read 11 months ago

Filters and Icons

Planned is always innovating to find ways to simplify the event planning process for all event planners. Whether you’ve never planned an event before or you consider yourself a vet- we want to ensure that Planned clients save money and time.  One way we do this is by creating valuable and efficient filters and icons within our marketplace. That way, our clients can get to the suppliers they need, clearly and quickly.  Filters Due to the vast array of suppliers in our marketplace, we want it to be as easy as possible for our users to find the perfect suppliers for their event. Our venue filters narrow down search by amenities, Google ratings, facilities, style (a very loved filter!), price, indoor/outdoor, and level of privacy. We chose these filters with the help of our incredible clients- after hundreds of conversations with our users, we decided on the most important filters based on what they look for when sourcing. Going off the same conversations, our vendor specific filters are more streamlined, including vendor type, price, and social impact.  Some of the venue filters in the marketplace. Icons Unfortunately, we’re not referring to Britney Spears or NSYNC, but we’re talking about the cool little graphics in the Planned marketplace.  There are five icons you will come across when you are discovering the listings in the marketplace. Starting with the most loved- the 3D icon. This 3D icon allows users to know when a venue has been 3D mapped. 3D mapping is a virtual tour that allows you to explore the entire venue in just a few clicks. These mappings provide incredible value to event planners and saves a lot of time by avoiding the need to do an onsite tour.  The 3D icon on the right hand side of the listing. The virtual icon has been hugely important since the pandemic outbreak. This icon notifies our users that this supplier offers virtual services!  A third icon in our marketplace is the green check mark- what we refer to as the verified icon! Similar to Instagram- but also very different. This verified icon shows that this supplier is a preferred Planned partner, and we highly recommend them!  The last two icons: the woman icon and the heart icon. These two icons represent our two social impact filters. These two icons allow our users to search for specific suppliers that are women-led or minority-led.  The virtual icon on the upper right hand side, the verified check mark next to the supplier's name, and both the woman-led and minority-led (heart) icons next to the pricing. And that’s a wrap! These are the current filters and icons that are in our marketplace, but stay tuned as we continue to expand and find more unique ways to save our users time and money.

The product
11 months ago

Addressing Payments

An issue our clients have faced time and time again has been sorting out the internal bureaucratic pieces of onboarding a supplier for an event payment. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to 6 or more months to happen. Or at least that was the case before Planned came along.  A huge value proposition that we offer Planned clients is that all their payments are directed to Planned- meaning we’re the supplier you need to onboard- ONCE! By joining Planned, event planners save time and money!  It’s really that simple. You’ll have access to thousands of suppliers and make all your payments directly with us on the platform, so you only ever have to onboard us, once.  By having Planned as your verified supplier, we’re promoting variety and originality in corporate events, so event planners don’t have to stick with the same venue they’ve booked ten times in a row.  Not only does this make the supplier onboarding process streamlined, but it also allows Planned to have all payments centralized for your convenience. Your financial reporting can be broken down by event, category, city, and more so your company has easy to understand financial information. 

The product
2 min read 11 months ago

What’s New

Marketplace filters The venue marketplace has a few updates! Narrow down your search for your event’s venue even further with 10 new filters, including style, rating, and various amenities & facilities. These filters promote time saving and narrow down your search to EXACTLY what you’re looking for in a venue! Map browsing Even cooler: browse via our new map. Browse your event’s city with an interactive map that highlights the venues all around. You have the ability to zoom as far in or as far out as you wish to ensure the prime location for your event! If you want options, then zoom in, scroll around and you’ll find venues block and block! The map feature in New York. Collaboration When you share an event with a colleague, they’ll be able to browse, save, and contact suppliers from that event too. All event collaborators will have access to conversations started with suppliers, so anyone can jump in if needed. It’s quick and easy, and most importantly FREE! Inviting colleagues to collaborate has never been easier. Join Planned!

The product
2 min read 12 months ago

Planned Pricing Model

According to Hubspot, “so much about SaaS product’ success hinges on a smart pricing model. Given this, developing a well-thought-out pricing plan is extremely important. Customers might opt-out of their subscription if they feel your prices are too high, but you also need to charge enough to keep your company afloat.” Planned has zero cost to try the platform and here’s why! Planned has two different account opportunities: Basic account and Enterprise account. Our basic account allows users to login to the platform and begin their Planned journey for FREE. While the enterprise account has three main added benefits that our users can choose to pay for individually. The benefits of each can be found below and listed on our website. The differences between the two Planned accounts. Our pricing model is simple with no hidden fees or easy-to-miss fine print: we charge a 3% processing fee for every booking. So there’s absolutely no cost to trying out the platform for any event you’re planning- we’ll simply charge 3% if you find your supplier and book through us. In addition to the 3%, the Enterprise account is broken down into three components: Single Sign On (SSO), Preferred Suppliers, and Customized Spending Reports. Here’s an explanation of what each of these mean: SSO: A verification method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using one set of credentials. By logging into your company’s servers, you will be able to access Planned without having to enter a username/password. Preferred Suppliers: Allow us to onboard your preferred suppliers and have them displayed within the marketplace. If you have preferred rates with those suppliers, we will honor those rates. Let Planned be your centralized tool to generate company-wide savings by putting your preferred suppliers in front of the users Customized Spending Reports: Leverage our reporting capabilities and let us display the information you need! Since payments are now through Planned, we can pull all the most relevant information to allow you to make more informed financial forecasts and budgeting decisions. The reason for these three components is because we want to allow our users to have the freedom to pay for the benefits they prefer and avoid paying extra for features that do not apply to their event planning needs. We’ll let other companies handle charging upfront costs of over $25,000 or $595 per month, and leave the fair pricing model to Planned. Planned likes to keep everything streamlined and simple. So when it comes to using the platform and pricing, we’ve upheld those values. If you’re interested in opening an account, book a demo today and let’s talk!

The product
3 min read 1 year ago

Marketplace Categories

Planned has created an event planning platform that completely transforms the event industry. Its intuitive features and helpful filters allows the user to quickly discover the exact type of suppliers that they need for their event. The marketplace is filled with over 20,000 unique venues and highly talented vendors to enable clients across North America to host memorable and unique events. One big piece of the Planned marketplace is the different categorization of the suppliers. Creating categories within a marketplace promotes efficiency; rather than endlessly searching on Google, users can quickly choose a category that they are looking for, use the filters within that category, and almost instantly have access to what they are looking for. The categories we’ve chosen to include in our marketplace are: Venues, Experiences, Gifts, Speakers, Food & beverage, Equipment & decor, AV, Photo & video, Staffing, and Transport. However, these categories were not blindly chosen. After having hundreds of conversations with professional event planners in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and other major cities, we deduced that these categories are the essential components to any successful corporate event. Using the category bar to browse through the Speakers. The breakdown of each category is as follows: Venues: This should go without saying, but every in-person and hybrid event needs an on-site location. Experiences: This category allows users to browse entertainment, team building opportunities, virtual experiences, and any other forms of activities for their event. Gifts: Within the corporate event planning industry, sending gifts to leaders, clients, and employees plays a large role in expressing gratuity. Speakers: It’s very common for enterprises to enjoy hiring keynotes speakers to share insight and advice on business leadership, motivation, health & wellness, and other important topics. Food & beverage: Oftentimes, over 30% of the budget for an event is dedicated to food and beverages. Equipment & decor: To make a good first impression, it’s important to prioritize the little details of any event, whether it’s a flower wall, vintage furniture, or hand-printed name cards. AV: When hosting a conference, meeting, live music, or similar events, it’s crucial to ensure that the audio and visual components are handled properly and of high quality. Photo & video: It’s always nice to capture the event by hiring a professional photographer or renting a photobooth for the guests’ entertainment, so everyone can look back at these memorable events. Staffing: Hosting an event that runs smoothly requires all hands on deck. Staffing allows for the host to ensure the bar runs efficiently, creative branded designs are on display, and the EMCEE keeps the crowd entertained. Transport: Whether a company is hosting a retreat or trying to impress a potential client, transportation to and from the event is essential.

The product
2 min read 1 year ago

The Overview

Planned is a platform designed to connect corporate event planners with suppliers across North America. The marketplace is filled with over 20,000 unique venues and highly talented vendors, which planners can browse and filter through, to find the perfect match for their events. The marketplace spans across a variety of categories such as food and beverage, staffing, venues, experiences, speakers, equipment and decor, and so much more. The platform also enables planners to converse with suppliers, share documents such as quotes and invoices, make payments, and track spending, all in one place.  The Planned marketplace, filled with various categories, like venues, experiences, transport, staffing, etc.  The platform has been used by companies all across North America, to celebrate product launches, employee training sessions, holiday celebrations, client meetings, and every event in between. By speaking with clients throughout the product development process and channeling client feedback, Planned has been able to confidently address the stresses of endless Google searches, disorganized email chains, muddled budget tracking, and other common frustrations faced by event planners.  The ‘My Events’ dashboard that consolidates all of your upcoming and past events.  Planned is an intuitive platform that empowers corporate event planners with greater efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities. It’s a platform that is revolutionizing the event industry. If you’d like to learn more about Planned, see how to unlock lower rates, and bring your team together, one event at a time, then book a demo today. 

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