An issue our clients have faced time and time again has been sorting out the internal bureaucratic pieces of onboarding a supplier for an event payment. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to 6 or more months to happen. Or at least that was the case before Planned came along. 

A huge value proposition that we offer Planned clients is that all their payments are directed to Planned- meaning we’re the supplier you need to onboard- ONCE! By joining Planned, event planners save time and money! 

It’s really that simple. You’ll have access to thousands of suppliers and make all your payments directly with us on the platform, so you only ever have to onboard us, once. 

By having Planned as your verified supplier, we’re promoting variety and originality in corporate events, so event planners don’t have to stick with the same venue they’ve booked ten times in a row. 

Not only does this make the supplier onboarding process streamlined, but it also allows Planned to have all payments centralized for your convenience. Your financial reporting can be broken down by event, category, city, and more so your company has easy to understand financial information. 

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Saving Money with Planned

Saving Money with PlannedPromoting company savings has been a core value of the Planned business model since day one. Enterprise Clients Planned Enterprise clients are able to save time and money simply by being a client and using the Planned platform. Without Planned, these event planners go through a vendor on-boarding process every time they want to make a payment to a vendor. However, with Planned, clients only have to onboard one vendor (Planned) once, and have the ability to book thousands of vendors without any additional on-boarding. By avoiding the tedious process of having to onboard new vendors every time they host an event, enterprises are saving time and can focus on creating a successful event. Discovery of suppliers In all industries, but especially in event planning, time is money! By using the Planned marketplace and it’s fine-tuned filters, Planned clients are able to quickly narrow down their search for suppliers and find exactly what they need in less than half the time it would’ve taken them if they had used Google or other search engines. Compare quotes The beauty of having access to a large marketplace filled with incredible options is that clients are able to receive multiple quotes from various suppliers and compare their options internally. Clients can contact suppliers directly in Planned to receive quotes quickly and efficiently compare, side by side, to choose their best option. Planned exclusive discounts are only offered in the Planned marketplace. Exclusive discounts Unlock Planned discounts from suppliers all across North America. By joining Planned, event planners get immediate access to discounts that suppliers offer exclusively to Planned. This discounts won’t be found anywhere else! It’s the Planned mission to not only streamline the event planning process, but also make it efficient, cost-saving, and fun to do!

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