It takes drive, ambition, and clear action to take on the event planning industry and push the boundaries for what is possible in events. With the dedication of a mighty team, Planned has continued to work with clients and suppliers to produce unique and innovative events across North America. The talent density at Planned is at an all time high, and one of those talents is Jared Carbonneau. Jared is a Software Engineer at Planned, and since joining the team in February 2021 has made a large impact on the communication flow of the product, through enabling email notifications to be sent when a message is received on the platform, and allowing status changes to be made based on availability. He has also spent his time focusing on implementing the design system and ensuring its ease of use for all developers on the team.

Jared joined Planned at at a crucial point in our product development process and has since played a large role in improving our product and suggesting ways to engage our clients and suppliers more through the platform.

As far as his path prior to joining Planned, it may not be what you might assume.

After graduating high school, Jared was trained as a carpenter, and worked in the field for a few years. During that time he was also focusing on volunteer construction projects in the Dominican Republic. “Volunteering really brought me to cultures, languages, friends and new ways of doing things that I otherwise would have missed out on.”

After a few years in the construction industry, Jared headed across seas to China, where he learned Mandarin, taught English, and travelled to factories to inspect goods for Canadian clients. “I inspected a lot of iron castings, which are pretty cool because of the melted metal, I then transitioned to inspecting construction materials, like tiles and cabinets. China really is one big factory, and I traveled to many areas to help my clients.”

After exploring other parts of the world, Jared landed back in Montréal. While planning his next professional move, Jared took a two month coding bootcamp called DecodeMTL (now Concordia University bootcamps) and hustled to learn an entirely new industry. To Jared, “Software engineering wasn’t exactly a dream of mine, but after some friends suggested taking free online classes, I fell in love with it.”

His love for software engineering shines through in his enthusiasm to brainstorm new concepts and creatively solve technological problems at Planned.

Jared’s career as a Software Engineer today is not surprising if you look at his interests in high school. At a young age he enjoyed psychics and woodworking: subjects that encourage creativity and emphasize problem solving skills. In his view, “Software engineering allows me to build really cool things, just like when I was working in construction.”

When Jared isn’t coding, he spends most of his time with his family, exploring the great outdoors that Quebec has to offer. It’s common for Jared to take some time off from work and come back with great stories about his adventures to share with the team! “Our favorite spot this summer was Sepaq Mont-Tremblant: great short, kid-friendly hikes that reward you with waterfalls and great views. For a quick jaunt, we’ll go to St-Bruno, or biking to the Chambly Fort is always a great day out.”

Since joining Planned, Jared shares:

“It’s been really cool to see the company grow in the few months that I’ve been here. I’ve been learning a lot about what an engineer can do to make a company grow fast. Kiran Gopalakrishnan, Software Development Team Lead at Planned, and Alex Beauchemin, VP of Engineering at Planned, have taught me a lot about what’s important at this stage of the game.”

His desire to work at Planned stemmed from wanting to find a work space where he could share his ideas and level up his engineering skills: both of which he has been able to continuously accomplish at Planned.

Apart from those factors he was searching for: “opportunities to broaden my skills into the product features and UI/UX, work in a small team with flexible roles and be encouraged to have exposure in other areas. As well as be able to work with a team of engineers who get to touch everything (from database to solving user problems).” We’re glad that Jared found what he was looking for at Planned and has been a part of the team for over a year now!

Jared’s ability to think outside the box has allowed for a lot of new ideas to flow within the Planned HQ meeting rooms and be implemented in the product. We’re excited to continue to see his growth at Planned!

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Pure PassionNot many people would move from California to Montreal in the middle of a pandemic, but that’s just one of the things that makes Madison Bonser such a special part of the Planned team. A psychology graduate from the University of British Columbia and a lover of anything active, Madison joined Planned in June 2020. Madison at the University of British Columbia. As with any early stage startup like Planned, employees often have to wear different hats. Given this nature, Madison has been a key player in driving supply and operations initiatives forward. Just a few months after joining Planned, Madison became lead on marketing, while also being an awesome organizer of many team activities. Here’s what Madison has to say about the changes since her arrival: “When I joined Planned, it was the beginning of truly onboarding vendors into the marketplace, as well as growing our partnerships with venues across North America. Since then, the Planned marketplace has exponentially grown, and our user platform has improved dramatically and looks completely different. As for marketing, we’ve really taken steps towards including our clients and partners, by featuring our partners in various outreaches and on our social media platforms. We’ve also been engaging with our clients in a highly meaningful way and receiving feedback through post-event surveys and conversations!” Since Madison has picked up more marketing initiatives, Planned’s online presence has grown and we’ve been able to connect with the event planning community at a much more significant level. Madison’s passion in her marketing and partnerships role at Planned shines through, and when asked how that connects with her major in university (psychology), she commented: “To me, marketing/partnerships and psychology are very similar; at the end of the day it boils down to human behavior and understanding people. I am incredibly passionate about connecting with people and understanding what motivates them. Marketing and partnerships allows me to explore that in a variety of ways and, in doing so, recognize behavior patterns and trends and utilize that data in multiple ways.” When she isn’t at the Planned HQ, she’s always on adventures in the outdoors! Along with her continuous drive and creative user-centric ideas, Madison wraps her high performance presence up in her contagious smile. A genuine pleasure to work with, Madison is excited about a few of her upcoming Planned projects: “We have several important initiatives underway. One being updating the website, which we're reinventing to make as innovative and exciting as our product is. We really want to have the website reflect how fun event planning can be and the constant desire to improve and elevate.” She adds that an overarching mission of the marketing programs is “building Planned’s credibility externally through various facets. We’ve created product listings on third party websites to view direct feedback from our users, because we’re always looking to build our product alongside our users. In addition to these two initiatives, we’re starting a Partner Program to collaborate with organizations across North America to grow our community and continue to revolutionize the event planning industry!” One of Madison’s favourite…

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Part of the EvolutionThe power of the Planned marketplace is a major value proposition that sets us apart in the industry. Currently, we feature over 20,000 carefully curated suppliers across North America. Over the past year, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Planned marketplace has evolved into an indispensable resource for event planners in major markets throughout Canada and the U.S.. The highly intuitive and user-friendly nature of our supplier discovery is largely the result of the talent and dedication of Stefan Trivuncic, one of Planned’s Senior Software Developers.Joining our team in October 2020, Stefan quickly established himself as an invaluable architect of Planned’s rapidly evolving platformin support of refining our user experience into the leadership position we enjoy today. Stefan- the tennis star at Planned! Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Stefan’s family emigrated to Canada when he was just four years of age. Their journey brought them to St-Jerome, a bucolic town on the Rivière du Nord and gateway to a ski country in the Laurentian Mountains. From a young age Stefan has enjoyed computers and science fiction, while also enjoying hockey and tennis — all of which he remains passionate about despite his busy schedule. Later, the family relocated to Ottawa where Stefan studied Criminal Justice at Carleton University, earning his Bachelor’s degree with a minor in Business Law. Stefan’s first exposure to programming came about while working atAcademie de la Capitale, an independent school using the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum which incorporates a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) approach to learning. There, Stefan was introduced to coding as the lead instructor was a computer science professor at the University of Ottawa. Stefan teaching at Academie de la Capitale. “He introduced me to the world of programming and the opportunities it brought,” Stefan recalls. “I have no formal education in software development and am completely self-taught via various online mediums of educational platforms for software development, like Udemyand FreecodeCamp.” “I originally wanted to go to law school to become a corporate or intellectual property lawyer and focus on areas in technology. But it became clear to me that the law was always reactive and not able to catch up with the ever changing technologies and software. I decided that I would rather be hands-on and be part of the evolutionin software development instead of just reacting to it as a lawyer. During the rest of my B.A, I would balance my time between my university classes, learning to code, and work at that private school teaching students during the school year and summers.” His journey eventually led him to join Planned in October 2020. When he initially joined Planned, the software was beginning to shift and that involved a lot of oversight, planning, and moving away from copious amounts of legacy code. While that process was initially difficult and required a dedicated team, Stefan has enjoyed seeing the progress of where the application started to where it is now. “Working in the Marketplace, you really get to see where the application shines in terms of providing a variety…

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Develop RelationshipsAccording to Indeed, a crucial aspect of creating a long-lasting client relationship is providing an excellent service starting at the very first interaction with the client. Some ways to ensure that this occurs is by: clear and concise communication, remaining human, learning their needs, providing expertise and exceeding expectations. “Businesses that develop great, long-term relationships with their clients are more likely to receive repeat business from those clients. Satisfied customers might recommend your company, product or service to a colleague, leading to new business. With positive, enduring client relationships, companies can achieve overall business success and create larger projects for their customers' benefit.” Luckily for our team, much of those first interactions with clients are taken on by Planned’s Partnerships Coordinator, Charles Langevin. Now a part of the Planned team for over a year, he has become a crucial part in developing and maintaining strong client relationships. His approach allows the relationship to focus on the clients’ needs to figure out how Planned can provide a solution. His ability to engage in meaningful conversations and express genuine concern has allowed clients at Planned to know that they are in good hands. When Charles isn’t working with clients, he's in full-adventure mode! He is usually cycling and golfing or travelling around Quebec in great company! (follow @charleslexplorateur on instagram for more content). His easy-going nature follows him along on all his travels, and he is looking forward to the reopening of the borders for his next getaway. Specifically he is looking forward to completing some hikes in South America in the future! In addition to his passion for travelling, part of the reason Charles handles business development and client-facing tasks so well is due to his education and experience. In April 2020, he graduated from HEC Montreal with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing. Since September, he has been pursuing a Master's degree in Strategy. His passion and interest within university courses lies on those that focus on innovation, modern business strategy, and consulting. His strong work ethic enables him to continue to make a positive impact on the client journey at Planned. His professionalism, enthusiasm and passion for our clients, has helped him maintain strong relationships with clients even throughout the uncertainty and navigation of the world of virtual meetings this past year. Charles’ dedication to our clients comes from his love for developing relationships - “I love to listen to people's needs and help them improve their condition.” Beyond meeting with clients, his desire to contribute to the overall success of Planned is shown in his ability to collaborate with the Sales and Supply teams effectively, and align strategies. Charles shared what a day in the life looks for him at Planned: “First of all, I am far from being a morning person, but Planned has allowed me to get into the habit of being productive, even in the morning. My coffee is always ready for my first meeting at 9 am with the team, otherwise from 10am I jump from one call…

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