According to Indeed, a crucial aspect of creating a long-lasting client relationship is providing an excellent service starting at the very first interaction with the client. Some ways to ensure that this occurs is by: clear and concise communication, remaining human, learning their needs, providing expertise and exceeding expectations.

“Businesses that develop great, long-term relationships with their clients are more likely to receive repeat business from those clients. Satisfied customers might recommend your company, product or service to a colleague, leading to new business. With positive, enduring client relationships, companies can achieve overall business success and create larger projects for their customers’ benefit.”

Luckily for our team, much of those first interactions with clients are taken on by Planned’s Partnerships Coordinator, Charles Langevin. Now a part of the Planned team for over a year, he has become a crucial part in developing and maintaining strong client relationships. His approach allows the relationship to focus on the clients’ needs to figure out how Planned can provide a solution. His ability to engage in meaningful conversations and express genuine concern has allowed clients at Planned to know that they are in good hands.

When Charles isn’t working with clients, he’s in full-adventure mode! He is usually cycling and golfing or travelling around Quebec in great company! (follow @charleslexplorateur on instagram for more content). His easy-going nature follows him along on all his travels, and he is looking forward to the reopening of the borders for his next getaway. Specifically he is looking forward to completing some hikes in South America in the future!

In addition to his passion for travelling, part of the reason Charles handles business development and client-facing tasks so well is due to his education and experience. In April 2020, he graduated from HEC Montreal with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Marketing. Since September, he has been pursuing a Master’s degree in Strategy. His passion and interest within university courses lies on those that focus on innovation, modern business strategy, and consulting.

His strong work ethic enables him to continue to make a positive impact on the client journey at Planned. His professionalism, enthusiasm and passion for our clients, has helped him maintain strong relationships with clients even throughout the uncertainty and navigation of the world of virtual meetings this past year.

Charles’ dedication to our clients comes from his love for developing relationships – “I love to listen to people’s needs and help them improve their condition.”

Beyond meeting with clients, his desire to contribute to the overall success of Planned is shown in his ability to collaborate with the Sales and Supply teams effectively, and align strategies.

Charles shared what a day in the life looks for him at Planned:

“First of all, I am far from being a morning person, but Planned has allowed me to get into the habit of being productive, even in the morning. My coffee is always ready for my first meeting at 9 am with the team, otherwise from 10am I jump from one call to another with event planners- I do an average of 5 a day! In between those calls, I juggle Hubspot, emails, and LinkedIn to make sure I don’t miss anything, and answer my messages. I usually disconnect around 3 pm for a jog or a bike ride if my schedule allows it that day. When I return I wrap up my day with Quality Assurance or any supply-related tasks.”

Since joining the Sales team, Charles has really taken charge of the business development and tested various initiatives to see what sticks – “Within a month of starting, I was talking to the Discovery Program clients and slowly the Sales team was taking shape. We ended up merging the sales and supply teams, so communication improved even more.”

Sofia, a Planned Account Manager who works alongside Charles shared, “Charles is great to work with! Obviously he’s great at what he does and it’s cool being able to collaborate with him on different parts of the sales funnel and take over the client projects that he introduces me to!”

In the coming months, Charles will continue to lead the business development in new markets, such as Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas and more markets as Planned continues to expand in North America. “In the end, it’s not me that should be excited, but rather the event planners – as what is coming up is so good!

Charles shared, “earning people’s trust is not an easy thing to do, but it’s a challenge I give myself every day when I approach a new client at Planned.”

We take pleasure in continuing to build a platform that addresses the stressors of our clients head one, and Charles is a key player in maintaining those relationships. His natural ability to connect with our clients and desire to address their needs head on is greatly appreciated! We look forward to seeing Charles continue to grow at Planned and take on more outdoor adventures!

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Part of the Evolution

Part of the EvolutionThe power of the Planned marketplace is a major value proposition that sets us apart in the industry. Currently, we feature over 20,000 carefully curated suppliers across North America. Over the past year, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Planned marketplace has evolved into an indispensable resource for event planners in major markets throughout Canada and the U.S.. The highly intuitive and user-friendly nature of our supplier discovery is largely the result of the talent and dedication of Stefan Trivuncic, one of Planned’s Senior Software Developers.Joining our team in October 2020, Stefan quickly established himself as an invaluable architect of Planned’s rapidly evolving platformin support of refining our user experience into the leadership position we enjoy today. Stefan- the tennis star at Planned! Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Stefan’s family emigrated to Canada when he was just four years of age. Their journey brought them to St-Jerome, a bucolic town on the Rivière du Nord and gateway to a ski country in the Laurentian Mountains. From a young age Stefan has enjoyed computers and science fiction, while also enjoying hockey and tennis — all of which he remains passionate about despite his busy schedule. Later, the family relocated to Ottawa where Stefan studied Criminal Justice at Carleton University, earning his Bachelor’s degree with a minor in Business Law. Stefan’s first exposure to programming came about while working atAcademie de la Capitale, an independent school using the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum which incorporates a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) approach to learning. There, Stefan was introduced to coding as the lead instructor was a computer science professor at the University of Ottawa. Stefan teaching at Academie de la Capitale. “He introduced me to the world of programming and the opportunities it brought,” Stefan recalls. “I have no formal education in software development and am completely self-taught via various online mediums of educational platforms for software development, like Udemyand FreecodeCamp.” “I originally wanted to go to law school to become a corporate or intellectual property lawyer and focus on areas in technology. But it became clear to me that the law was always reactive and not able to catch up with the ever changing technologies and software. I decided that I would rather be hands-on and be part of the evolutionin software development instead of just reacting to it as a lawyer. During the rest of my B.A, I would balance my time between my university classes, learning to code, and work at that private school teaching students during the school year and summers.” His journey eventually led him to join Planned in October 2020. When he initially joined Planned, the software was beginning to shift and that involved a lot of oversight, planning, and moving away from copious amounts of legacy code. While that process was initially difficult and required a dedicated team, Stefan has enjoyed seeing the progress of where the application started to where it is now. “Working in the Marketplace, you really get to see where the application shines in terms of providing a variety…

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More Collaborative

More CollaborativeThe best product managers are visionaries who can creatively problem solve. They help guide the success of a product and lead the cross-functional team that is responsible for improving it. This is an important organizational role — especially in technology companies. Over the past year the Planned platform has been re-invented from the ground up. It’s all about understanding the user needs and ensuring an intuitive and seamless experience. As the pandemic recedes and social restrictions are being removed globally, we’re continuing to see the results of our hard work through the events that our clients are booking. You’re probably thinking that building a product to entirely streamline a process that is seen as having many inefficiencies must be challenging. It is exactly that, especially when one considers that our goal of completely transforming the event planning industry is a moving target due to constant changes in market trends and a large desire for innovation from our users. Among the talent-density at Planned is Gabriella Hachem, our Product Manager. Gabriella joined the Planned team in September 2020 and has overseen all aspects of continuous improvement of Planned’s platform and user experience. “Some people thought it was a bit odd to join a startup in the events industry during a pandemic, but I really believe in the product and team.” Since joining the team, Gabriella has assisted in restructuring the product process, talking with clients to understand the needs of our users, set both short and long term goals for the product, and overall contributed to the passion and desire to innovate on the team. Gabriella graduated from McGill University in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in Entrepreneurship. After graduating, she pursued a position as a UX Designer then a Product Manager at a startup based in Montreal that focused on conversational AI for ecommerce. This was when her passion for product management began. “Product management isn’t a career that you learn about in school. I had no idea this job existed and what it entailed.” Her interest in product management grew as she learned more about product development and spoke with product leaders around her. She says, “To me, the most inspiring and fun parts of the role revolve around solving user problems, wireframing, and looking for patterns in the data.” Some of Gabriella’s favorite Lebanese dishes. In her day to day role at Planned, Gabriella focuses primarily on: sketching and laying out ideas for features or iterations, breaking down user problems to discuss with the team, and meetings with various stakeholders, as well as testing new features that the team has pushed that week and debugging or prioritizing new bugs that may come up. When she isn’t focusing on the product, she likes watching The Office,eating Lebanese and Italian food, and socializing with friends. Her passion for the product and our users has helped in transforming our product entirely. She shared, “The product itself has grown significantly and I’m proud of the team for what we’ve accomplished with the challenges of the pandemic,”she says. “The biggest hurdle we’ve overcome, in my…

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Ownership and Involvement

Ownership and InvolvementPlanned exists to offer event planners everywhere the best solution available for their events. In practice this translates to providing a dashboard view of the multitude of decisions and tasks which make an event successful — reliably providing event planners with a seamless, efficient, and comprehensive platform which enhances the experience of event planning for all planners. Over the past year we’ve taken advantage of the pause offered by the COVID-19 pandemic and re-invented our platform from the ground up. Our team of developers and user interface designers have created new features, a more intuitive interface, and easier discovery of suppliers. As the pandemic recedes and social restrictions are easing in many markets, we’re continuing to see the results of their hard work. You’re probably thinking that building a product of this complexity and scope must be challenging. It is exactly that, especially when one considers that our goal of completely transforming the event planning industry is a moving target due to ever heightened expectations of our users and industry trends, many of which have emerged to adapt to the new post-COVID-19 world. Among the programmer wizards at Planned is the talented and resourceful Mark Conn, our Senior Software Engineer. Upon joining the team last August, Mark’s to-do list was well defined: help rebuild the foundation of the Planned platform. This rebuild would support an ambitious new feature set which will leapfrog us ahead of the competition. Since then he has been instrumental in completely restructuring our product and the way that our clients interact with it. A focus throughout 2020 was to recreate our product so that it would be scalable and eventually a self-serving platform. Mark recognized that the foundation of the platform had to be rebuilt from scratch. He shared that, “we brought in tools that would help us really achieve a more robust and serious platform. NextJS replaced our hand-rolled React boilerplate for our client app. Typescript became universal across all apps. We picked Material UI for our component library.” Mark’s passion for software development began in 2015. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from Concordia University in Montreal. And from 2007 to 2019, he joined the military as an infantry soldier and eventually got specialized as a close protection operator and was deployed to Afghanistan in 2014. Amongst returning home from Afghanistan, he decided it was time for the next chapter and found a coding bootcamp, DecodeMTL, that piqued his interest. From then on, his career in software development unraveled. Mark shared, “I always thought software was fascinating but I felt like an outsider in the sense that it seemed closed off to only those with computer science degrees. However, I learned that this wasn’t truly the case, and that anyone could access the material to learn and try their hand at it.” He naturally enjoys building and the foundations of what engineering is, and recognizes that software development is a career that is needed in any industry. “There’s a bit of a stigma of the old fashioned ‘programmer’ who just sits around hacking in solitude, but…

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