Planned has created an event planning platform that completely transforms the event industry. Its intuitive features and helpful filters allows the user to quickly discover the exact type of suppliers that they need for their event. The marketplace is filled with over 20,000 unique venues and highly talented vendors to enable clients across North America to host memorable and unique events. One big piece of the Planned marketplace is the different categorization of the suppliers.

Creating categories within a marketplace promotes efficiency; rather than endlessly searching on Google, users can quickly choose a category that they are looking for, use the filters within that category, and almost instantly have access to what they are looking for. The categories we’ve chosen to include in our marketplace are: Venues, Experiences, Gifts, Speakers, Food & beverage, Equipment & decor, AV, Photo & video, Staffing, and Transport.

However, these categories were not blindly chosen. After having hundreds of conversations with professional event planners in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and other major cities, we deduced that these categories are the essential components to any successful corporate event.

Using the category bar to browse through the Speakers.

The breakdown of each category is as follows:

Venues: This should go without saying, but every in-person and hybrid event needs an on-site location.

Experiences: This category allows users to browse entertainment, team building opportunities, virtual experiences, and any other forms of activities for their event.

Gifts: Within the corporate event planning industry, sending gifts to leaders, clients, and employees plays a large role in expressing gratuity.

Speakers: It’s very common for enterprises to enjoy hiring keynotes speakers to share insight and advice on business leadership, motivation, health & wellness, and other important topics.

Food & beverage: Oftentimes, over 30% of the budget for an event is dedicated to food and beverages.

Equipment & decor: To make a good first impression, it’s important to prioritize the little details of any event, whether it’s a flower wall, vintage furniture, or hand-printed name cards.

AV: When hosting a conference, meeting, live music, or similar events, it’s crucial to ensure that the audio and visual components are handled properly and of high quality.

Photo & video: It’s always nice to capture the event by hiring a professional photographer or renting a photobooth for the guests’ entertainment, so everyone can look back at these memorable events.

Staffing: Hosting an event that runs smoothly requires all hands on deck. Staffing allows for the host to ensure the bar runs efficiently, creative branded designs are on display, and the EMCEE keeps the crowd entertained.

Transport: Whether a company is hosting a retreat or trying to impress a potential client, transportation to and from the event is essential.

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Planned Pricing Model

According to Hubspot, “so much about SaaS product’ success hinges on a smart pricing model. Given this, developing a well-thought-out pricing plan is extremely important. Customers might opt-out of their subscription if they feel your prices are too high, but you also need to charge enough to keep your company afloat.” Planned has zero cost to try the platform and here’s why! Planned has two different account opportunities: Basic account and Enterprise account. Our basic account allows users to login to the platform and begin their Planned journey for FREE. While the enterprise account has three main added benefits that our users can choose to pay for individually. The benefits of each can be found below and listed on our website. The differences between the two Planned accounts. Our pricing model is simple with no hidden fees or easy-to-miss fine print: we charge a 3% processing fee for every booking. So there’s absolutely no cost to trying out the platform for any event you’re planning- we’ll simply charge 3% if you find your supplier and book through us. In addition to the 3%, the Enterprise account is broken down into three components: Single Sign On (SSO), Preferred Suppliers, and Customized Spending Reports. Here’s an explanation of what each of these mean: SSO: A verification method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using one set of credentials. By logging into your company’s servers, you will be able to access Planned without having to enter a username/password. Preferred Suppliers: Allow us to onboard your preferred suppliers and have them displayed within the marketplace. If you have preferred rates with those suppliers, we will honor those rates. Let Planned be your centralized tool to generate company-wide savings by putting your preferred suppliers in front of the users Customized Spending Reports: Leverage our reporting capabilities and let us display the information you need! Since payments are now through Planned, we can pull all the most relevant information to allow you to make more informed financial forecasts and budgeting decisions. The reason for these three components is because we want to allow our users to have the freedom to pay for the benefits they prefer and avoid paying extra for features that do not apply to their event planning needs. We’ll let other companies handle charging upfront costs of over $25,000 or $595 per month, and leave the fair pricing model to Planned. Planned likes to keep everything streamlined and simple. So when it comes to using the platform and pricing, we’ve upheld those values. If you’re interested in opening an account, book a demo today and let’s talk!

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The Overview

Planned is a platform designed to connect corporate event planners with suppliers across North America. The marketplace is filled with over 20,000 unique venues and highly talented vendors, which planners can browse and filter through, to find the perfect match for their events. The marketplace spans across a variety of categories such as food and beverage, staffing, venues, experiences, speakers, equipment and decor, and so much more. The platform also enables planners to converse with suppliers, share documents such as quotes and invoices, make payments, and track spending, all in one place.  The Planned marketplace, filled with various categories, like venues, experiences, transport, staffing, etc.  The platform has been used by companies all across North America, to celebrate product launches, employee training sessions, holiday celebrations, client meetings, and every event in between. By speaking with clients throughout the product development process and channeling client feedback, Planned has been able to confidently address the stresses of endless Google searches, disorganized email chains, muddled budget tracking, and other common frustrations faced by event planners.  The ‘My Events’ dashboard that consolidates all of your upcoming and past events.  Planned is an intuitive platform that empowers corporate event planners with greater efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities. It’s a platform that is revolutionizing the event industry. If you’d like to learn more about Planned, see how to unlock lower rates, and bring your team together, one event at a time, then book a demo today. 

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The Vendor Marketplace

With the pandemic outbreak, things have been moving fast and we’re here to help you keep up. Event planners are agile, but sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ways to plan in new global circumstances. We’ve spent the past few months bettering our product (and ourselves — lots of at-home workouts and bread baking). At the beginning of the pandemic we connected with our clients and while conversations flowed, our Discovery Program formed naturally. Our Discovery Program is made up of planners from top companies who test our new features. Through hundreds of discovery calls, we realized planners needed an easy tool to connect their teams and event attendees. So, we came up with this... Introducing: the vendor marketplace, a fast way to discover all of the vendors you need to start planning. Better selection for a better experience. Save time researching and filter through the highest-rated vendors across North America. Just about everything you can imagine. We have all kinds of vendors ranging from caterers, transportation, A/V, virtual suppliers, and experiences (virtual and in-person). Virtual vibes. Connect your guests in new ways from the comfort of their own homes. We handpicked all of our experiential vendors to meet the highest quality standards in the industry: ours. Find unique experiences like: Guest speakers: Not to brag but we’ve got some of the coolest guest speakers ready to wow your attendees. Book top talent like Steve Wozniak, Sharon Wood, and Richard Branson in a few clicks. Food & beverage experiences: Spice up your next virtual event with an array of fresh ingredients and delicious cocktails. Whether you want to make pasta from scratch or the perfect Tom Collins, we have a lot of chefs and mixologists waiting to wow your team. Musicians: Add music to any type of event to get the mood just right. Choose from DJs, Jazz trios, R&B stars, and more. All about convenience. Our marketplace is designed to make it as easy as possible to find and book the suppliers you’ve been dreaming of. Make your search as specific as possible to filter out anything that doesn’t work for you and only showcase ones that will. Virtual? Hybrid? In-person? We’ve got you covered. Use filters to instantly find the suppliers that work for your event type. We have vendors for every kind of event. Our all-new vendor marketplace with everything you need to get your events started. It’s designed to be an efficient solution that allows you to choose the suppliers that work best for your events. We’re here to help you create your next event — whether it’s a holiday party, team building event, or conference.

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