Part of the event planning process is discovery and sourcing the perfect event suppliers. A mission of Planned is to decrease the time spent on that process by 60% or more. One way that Planned is aiming to do that is by recommending suppliers directly to our users based on their event needs.

With this new feature, all Planned users will receive event supplier recommendations directly from the Planned team! If you don’t love what you see or want some more recommendations for different supplier categories, you can easily request more recommendations and select the categories.

After recommendations are added to your event, you and all event collaborators will receive an email regarding the new recommendations.

Viewing your recommended suppliers from ‘My suppliers’.

Once you’ve browsed the recommendations, you have the ability to add your favorites to your ‘Saved’ list and contact the supplier immediately.

This new recommendation feature is a great way to collaborate with your Account Manager who can help you with all your events!

Check it out now by creating an account or logging in.

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2 min read 3 months ago

Our newest feature: RFP

Our newest feature: RFPPlanned is always finding new ways to make event planning more efficient. Recently, this involved building out an in-app Request For Proposal (RFP) feature. A Request For Proposal allows Planned clients to create event briefs with all their upcoming event information, and send it to multiple suppliers at once! The value of an RFP As Planned was building this out, we were keeping in mind the three value propositions that the RFP feature should encompass. Saving time and money This feature allows users to quickly showcase their upcoming event needs to multiple event suppliers in a matter of minutes. It’s an easy way to save time and money, by not having to reach out to each supplier individually. Compare multiple quotes An RFP allows the user to more easily compare quotes that are built out to meet their event needs. Suppliers can build out quotes to match the request so the user can share that internally before coming to a decision. This also promotes money saving by being able to get a quote within your budget! Source the best fit This feature is built to promote sourcing the best event suppliers for all events. Rather than choosing just a few suppliers to save time, users can now expand their reach quicker and make sure that they’re choosing the right supplier every time. Building out an RFP in Planned. There are 4 easy steps to filling out an RFP on Planned. Simply input your event details, add the services you are looking for, and any overnight accommodation that is needed, and click all the suppliers you want to share the RFP with. It’s really that simple! You’ll receive email notifications as soon as suppliers respond, and you’ll be able to start direct conversations with ones that you liked, or have more questions for. In a matter of seconds you can contact multiple suppliers at once. If you’re interested in learning more about this feature, please RSVP for our upcoming LinkedIn Live Demo to see this feature live with part of the Planned team: here.

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