Partner success story

Rejuvenating Events

The Planned marketplace is filled with event suppliers who bring new and exciting energy to all types of events. Our partner, Rejuv at Work, brings a rejuvenated approach to all Planned clients’ requests. Through their variety of virtual offerings, Serge Dautricourt, Founder and Director of Rejuv at Work, and his team have been able to host incredible virtual events across North America.  A Rejuv at Work virtual yoga class. Rejuv at Work offers Planned clients virtual services such as meditation, fitness classes, food discoveries, massage classes, and wellness webinars!  They has been a leader in corporate wellness programs in nationally since 2010, and has been a Planned partner for over a year. By showcasing their fitness instructors, nutritionists, and mindful meditation guides in the Planned marketplace, they have found another way to help company employees achieve and maintain health and wellness success. Sweet Potato Bruschetta by Chef Sofie. Recently Chef Sophie, a Rejuv at Work team member, hosted a virtual cooking class. She showcased her famous Sweet Potato Bruschetta with Avocado-Tomato Topping and low sugar cookies for a Planned client. Serge shared, “Chef Sophie said the clients were very happy with the cooking class and they enjoyed participating and making healthy meals and desserts.”  When asked 'How did the Planned team help with the booking process and client engagement for this event', Serge said, “Planned was very helpful in relaying the company’s requests to Rejuv At Work and made sure both parties were happy with the arrangement. She also checked in and made sure the client was happy with the set up and the service.” Planned is looking forward to collaborating with Rejuv at Work to bring more incredible health and wellness events across North America. “Rejuv At Work looks forward to helping more companies strive for better wellness practices for their employees through fitness, meditation, health webinars, and more! When companies physically open back up, we’ll be available for onsite massage and fitness services as well" shared Serge Dautricourt Visit Rejuv at Work in the Planned marketplace now! 

Partner success story

Defining the Best Technique Together

Boreal Technique, has been a Planned partner for over three years. Hugo Murphy, Business Development Manager at Boreal, shared “When we first got in, Planned was more of a Venue rental app. We were actually a key partner to develop the supplier side of the app.” Boreal Technique is a company that specializes in technologically advanced audio visual equipment and high efficiency technical staff deployment. They offer new age solutions to clients to ensure the best experiences to all attendees and to make sure people are connected. With their passion and experience, they successfully deliver over 400 mandates yearly and are continuously expanding their reach.  Since the partnership began, Hugo and the team at Boreal have collaborated on incredible events with our clients due to their incredibly diligent team and vast knowledge of event audio visuals. “Planned has always been a key partner for us in terms of corporate clients acquisition. This is a very hard customer base to acquire and Planned helps us to maintain a strong presence in that industry since the beginning of our collaboration.”  This is from a Planned x Boreal Technique event. It was a corporate event for Element AI at Centre des Sciences de Montréal. An incredible Planned client shared their experience with Hugo and the team at Boreal Technique: “Boreal Technique was extremely professional- showed up early, great creativity in brainstorming solutions for our event and was very helpful in running a very successful live stream event. I would definitely work with them again!”  Of all the events that Planned and Boreal Technique have collaborated with clients on, one of the more memorable ones to Hugo was: “We worked on a series of events in 2019 with Element AI, a client we acquired via Planned. These events were major and they were game changer for us. Not only we had to be extremely creative but we also had to adapt our service to these major client standards. Since these days, we never looked back and we upped our customer experience standard majorly. We also worked with other prestigious corporations such as: L’Oréal, ADP, NFL, GoodFood, AirBnB and many more!”  With so much AV experience, Planned is more than happy to refer our clients to Boreal Technique. This seamless partnership has allowed both Planned and Boreal to ensure that the needs of the clients are met and that the events, whether in-person, virtual or hybrid, run smoothly.  Element AI had meetings everywhere in Montréal for a major Artificial Intelligence meeting that people were attending from all over the world. “For us, the Planned team is almost like a team of our own company. Not only do they bring us contracts but they also manage the whole administration side, allowing us to focus on the customer experience and the quality service we want to deliver to them. They are amazing and they always listen to our concerns. We always enjoyed working with them” Now more than ever it is crucial to ensure that your AV equipment…

Client success story

How We Helped World Vision Create an Impactful Event

According to World Vision, “in Afghanistan, more than 35% of girls are married before 18 and nearly 10% before their 15th birthday.⁠ And approximately 1.4 million children and youth in El Salvador do not have regular access to safe water.” Those are just a few of the many fragile and avoidable injustices that are occurring globally that World Vision Canada is addressing.  It all started in the 1950s when Bob Pierce helped one little girl with the $5 in his pocket. Those $5 turned into coming to the aid of the stranded Vietnamese refugees in the 1970s, while in the 1980s being the first ones in and the last to leave throughout the Ethiopian famine. This continued drive and passion to bring global relief, drove Bob to challenge the church to care about the AIDS crisis even when it was a tough topic in the 90s, as well as rebuilding lives after the Asian tsunami and Haiti earthquakes. What started as $5 has turned into helping more than 4 million children in nearly 100 countries in the last 70 years.  To put it briefly, World Vision is a global relief, development and advocacy organization. They partner with children, families and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. By empowering people to live better lives, it only made sense that they approached Planned for their events. Our mission is to empower better event planning.  In August 2020, after four tries and much effort by the drilling team, a borehole was drilled in Ireen's village by World Vision Malawi. The mission of event planning at World Vision is to create meaningful and impactful experiences for Canadians to engage with the organization's mission. This desire to create meaningful and impactful events led Crystal Kuepfer, the Project Manager of Events at World Vision Canada to continue to use Planned for all her event needs.  Since 2018, we’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Crystal and the team at World Vision Canada, to organize memorable events across Canada. This collaboration has involved events such as; a Donor Event in Toronto, an Internal Team event in Vancouver, and Rise Up Daughters of India Fundraising Event, to name a few.  As a tool made for event planners, Crystal expressed a pain point that she has experienced prior to having Planned as her solution: “As event planners know, we’re often expected to make magic happen and deliver mind-blowing experiences on incredibly tight timelines and budgets.Often with events, we’re working on super tight timelines and sourcing and securing quality vendors and venues can be incredibly time consuming – not to mention, how do you even know where to begin in a city like Toronto where the options are endless?! You can only imagine the lost hours spent on Google…” Crystal’s experience in event planning is not an isolated one. The mission behind the tool that Planned has created is simple: empower better event planning. This encompasses providing our clients with a…

Partner success story

A Whole New Prspktv

Our partner, prspktvMEDIA, is reinventing the world of custom gift giving, corporate rewards, and customer appreciation with creative and innovative offerings. Specializing in interactive gifting, the endlessly inventive team at their Toronto headquarters also produce personalized digital recognition videos based on highly specific client requests.  “We work with endless forms of technology to design, build & deliver real human experiences,” says Greg Bognar the Creative Director and President. “Each of our gifting concepts are unique, one-of-a-kind creations, because everything from print graphics and packaging, to giftware, awards, apparel, is entirely custom. We love dreaming up virtually anything with our clients as creative collaborators.” After speaking with Greg, it’s clear that there isn’t a project or order that he and his team aren’t able to masterfully complete in a simple and tasteful manner.  “Our clients value our vast network of creators, producers, builders, artists and innovators”, he states proudly. “From a single experiment, to streamlined manufacturing, we can create custom anything - together.”  prspktvMEDIA’s expertise has been honed to make each clients’ wildest dreams come to life. Their track record of innovation and attention to detail fits in well with Planned’s mission to work with the “best of the best'' in every event planning category. “We’re thrilled to be in such a collaborative industry with hardworking and dedicated clients who are constantly pushing the edge in their events and are revolutionizing the world of events every day,” shared Sofia Benhmida, Account Manager at Planned. “Their dedication to originality and uniqueness pushes us to search for unique and driven partners who themselves are pushing the limits for what they can offer our clients.”   Since launching in 2018, prspktvMEDIA has been working with endless forms of technology to deliver personalized experiences that feel inclusive to each customer. With a goal of reinventing the world of gift-giving experiences, the prspktvMEDIA team has brought a variety of high-tech and stylish resources to the marketplace, including theatrBOX: a custom video unboxing service that features removable video book technology, allowing anyone to program their gift unboxing with engaging video content, packaged with virtually anything for a specific brand or corporation. Hitting the Mark with a Special Planned Client At the end of 2020, Greg and his team assisted one of our clients interested in making a real impression with their employees. The concept involved surrounding the firm’s branded beauty products with beanies, blankets, and a bottle of Champagne. In coordination with the clients requests, Greg and his team were able to masterfully customize every aspect of the experience, from the items inside, to the branding design on the outside of the box. The client was delighted with the attention to detail that Greg and his team put into the order.  More recently, in April of 2021 prspktvMEDIA designed beautiful crystal awards for the same client, who once again declared the final result “exceeded their expectations”.  All six crystal trophies created by PrspktvMEDIA. The three different sizes of trophies created. One of our goals at Planned is to…

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