The gift basket industry is a multi-billion dollar industry today and is expected to continue to grow exponentially. Over the past year, the volume of sales have accelerated, in part due to coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures. Planned partners are helping clients create beautifully curated and customized items to share with their teams. 

Bright Baskets, a Planned partner, started on a mission to create luxury gift baskets that are completely customized to suit the company, recipient, occasion, all at the desired price. After spending time searching for the perfect gift basket to send to corporate teams and coming up empty handed, Bright Baskets realized it was time for a change in the gift basket industry. 

With over three years of experience, the Bright Baskets team have their finger on the pulse of what consumers want in remote gift-giving and how to create memorable collections of goodies.

Bright Baskets became a Planned partner October 2020 and since then have been  providing our clients with incredible gift baskets, prompt service, and an overall seamless experience. 

In December 2020, Bright Baskets worked with a Planned client to create a customized gift basket to be sent to 120 employees across eastern Canada and northern California. 

In lue of the client’s usual in-person office-wide holiday party, they wanted to ensure the safety of their employees while still continuing the celebrating tradition. A gift basket is the best way to prioritize health and safety while providing a personalized experience.

Due to their incredible selection of items and high quality products, Bright Baskets was able to present the client with 5 different gift baskets to allow each employee to choose their preferred one. Not only was each basket catering to different desires, but it also took into consideration allergies and dietary restrictions.  

Planned was able to connect Bright Baskets with a specific corporate client that they had never worked with before, which blossomed into a great collaboration. So much so, that only 2 months after this event, the two companies are working together again using Planned to plan another gift basket order to be delivered in March. 

Genina Brigden, Managing Director at Bright Baskets, shared that using Planned as a platform for the event planning process as a partner allowed for the order to be “super organized, as questions got answered right away and overall it was an easy process.”

As well, Genina and the client both shared their satisfaction with the efficiency of using Planned. Genina said that working with the Planned Account Manager, Sofia Benhmida, “was very smooth and the communication was prompt and professional.”

In the world of virtual and hybrid events, Planned and Bright Baskets are brightening the lives of many teams and reconnecting companies.



Company Size

5-10 employees




Toronto, ON


Specialty Gift Baskets

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