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Find suppliers

Elevate your events with best-in-class partners 

We've curated more than 230,000 suppliers worldwide to help you book exceptional events, faster, for less.

All your planning tools in one place

Source, pay, coordinate, and manage attendees from the same platform. From your 20-person executive meeting to your 3,000-person conference, Planned has you covered.

  • Unique venues and curated vendors, everywhere

    Browse the marketplace to find venues, caterers, AV rentals, and everything in between. Receive custom recommendations from available suppliers that match your budget.

  • Rates & availabilities, at your fingertips

    The average response time from suppliers on Planned is 9 hours. We also use AI to automatically answer suppliers' questions based on your event brief, to save you hours of time.

  • Unlock exclusive discounts & company-wide savings

    Save more than 10% on each event by leveraging pre-negotiated rates and comparing more quotes.

Save time

Reclaim your lunch breaks

We automate most of the booking process and reduce your planning time by up to 60%. Use Planned to get:

  • Custom venue and vendor recommendations
  • Instant supplier rates and availability
  • Support from an expert event planning team

Save money

Always get the best price

Event costs have risen by 25%+ in 2022. We help you keep your budget goals with built-in savings features:

  • Easily find your company's preferred suppliers with pre-negotiated deals on Planned's marketplace
  • Automatically receive 3 quotes for all your event needs and always pick the best price
  • Get the same price on Planned as you'd get on the supplier's website

Plan everywhere

Perfect venues, everywhere in the world

Explore venues across the globe without leaving your desk. All our listings include time-saving specs:

  • At-a-glace capacity, pricing, and facilities details
  • Virtual visits and floor plans that capture every angle
  • 250+ data points including ceiling heights, vendor restrictions, accessibility, and more.

Global vendors

Guaranteed spark & sizzle for your event

Whether the occasion is upscale or down-to-earth, it’s easy to book culinary masters, immersive experiences, and tech wizards.

  • Quality checks for every vendor, including taste tests and equipment trials
  • Expert-vetted menus and product options
  • Highlights include showcased specialties and most popular offerings

Frequently-asked questions

  • What is Planned?

    Planned is an event sourcing and management platform for corporate event planners. Our platform lists suppliers across all categories (venues, caterers, AV, DJs, etc.) which our corporate event planners can choose to contact for their event needs. 

    Planned works exclusively with corporate clients - all inquiries and leads are from great companies such as L'Oreal, Amazon, and more. Planned centralizes all communication and syncs with your email for ease-of-use.

  • How/why am I receiving this inquiry?

    You're receiving an inquiry because our planners have expressed interest in booking you for their event, having found your listing via the Planned marketplace (which uses a variety of different sources of info to put together a listing page).

    Inquiries always come from corporate clients. These companies use only Planned for sourcing for their events - so no one else has access to these highly qualified leads. 

  • How does a booking work?

    If you're available or want to get more information about an event inquiry, respond to the email and you'll be able to be in direct contact with the event planner. You'll be able to chat directly and upload any files, quotes, contracts and invoices all the way to a finalized booking. 

  • Payments

    Planned also centralizes payment for all parties involved. When you upload your invoice, Planned automatically translates that invoice into a "Planned invoice" for the client. Clients always pay Planned and we pay out our suppliers. 

    Because we work with enterprise clients, they often have strict payment terms like they can only place payments 45 days after an event takes place, so make sure to clear that up in conversation. 

  • How can I get onboarded on Planned?

    We would love to give you full access to the platform. It's the best way to answer inquiries and experience Planned to the fullest. Please fill out this form and our supply team will contact you asap.

  • Any other questions?

    Please contact us through this form for any other questions and we will reach out to you asap!

How we help our enterprise clients

  • “ Planned provides us with a curated portfolio of best-in-class vendors and venues that helps simplify our search and saves loads of time securing exactly what is needed to make our events amazing. ”

    — Crystal Kuepfer Project Manager of Events at World Vision Canada
— Crystal Kuepfer Project Manager of Events at World Vision Canada