Elation. Pride. Relief.
Not much beats the feeling of walking out the door of your successful corporate event.

But getting there can be complicated. Your busy schedule would make the world’s best personal assistants sweat. You spend more nights at the office replying to emails than slumped in front of Netflix. Your body and mind are calling out for the sofa.

Organizing corporate events can feel like running a marathon. Only this one feels like it never ends.

“Planning company events involves staying on top of so many moving pieces. You have to find many suppliers, manage relationships with them, keep track of logistics — all for many events at one time,” says Emeric Noël, Planned co-founder.

And if that wasn’t enough to drive even the most resilient event organizer under: “there’s now huge pressure to create new, exciting event experiences.”

OK. Stop. You’re already doing three people’s jobs and working with a limited budget. There’s no time or money to even think about getting creative. Hey, have you ever thought about cloning yourself?

For Emeric and fellow co-founder Marc-Antoine Bonin, event planners were crying out for help on creative and organizational fronts. And so the pair set about creating a solution

Meet Planned, your behind-the-scenes events assistant

Corporate event planning - view itinerary

Planned (formerly Entr) is, combining an intuitive online event planning platform and a team of event specialists (real human ones), built for anyone planning a corporate event — from event managers with years of experience to other employees doing it on the side.

Our goal is to reduce some of the stress of corporate event planning, help planners save time and get the most out of their event budget. Get access to the functionalities you need to create and manage innovative events in one platform. Find theme and supplier inspiration, bring your wildest concepts to life, book your suppliers and create your event schedule, and more.

And all that for free (there’s no catch) — you’ll learn how later. 

Sound good? Let’s take a closer look.

Inspiration to bring out your inner creative

“Our focus on the creative aspect of events is what makes us different from our competitors,” — Emeric Noël.

81{51bc43aae79b7fd9a88f32d32d621737fca5bf53ffdef3a8e4784cf21672a058} of corporate event planners are “most concerned about finding innovative ideas when planning an event”’. (EventMB, 2018). Experiential marketing helps your company differentiate itself from competitors and build real connections with people.

But many event planners don’t know where to start. And they struggle to be creative without a big budget and an army of helpers. Until now.

With our platform, planners have exclusive access to everything they need to make their events stand out. 

Once logged in, simply tell us some basic details about your event like event size, budget and ideal location, and our platform will carefully curate a selection of non-traditional event suppliers for your event. And we don’t stop at venues. Get recommendations for caterers, furniture suppliers, audio equipment, alcohol vendors, or even goat hires. If it came to you in a dream, there’s a chance we will have it.

Compare your venue options in real time

Then add the suppliers of your choice to your basket to create an event package and see your event come to life.

Suggestions handpicked for event planners

Our team of human event specialists, who have experience designing hundreds of corporate events, are also on hand to help you with the creative process. They can suggest themes for your event, offer their artistic hands for creating a mood board, and make sure your event lives up to your — and your guests’ — expectations.

Some of your competitors charge a service fee. How can all this be free?

Sticking to your budget is already hard enough. We believe that support for planning events shouldn’t come at a cost. That’s why we don’t charge our customers a cent. We receive a commission from suppliers with whom we have developed an excellent relationship. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Create your corporate event in four simple steps:

  1. Tell us about your event (location, number of attendees, etc.)
  2. Build your event bundle from our curated supplier recommendations
  3. Compare and contrast your different venue options (or speak to a human event planner for help planning your event)
  4. Select your favourite one and begin working with our dedicated team!

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