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Planning tools

Help your team plan faster, for less 

Get direct access to rates and availabilities, collaborate with suppliers, and cut the planning time in half.

Everything in its right place

Forget the chaotic email threads and outdated spreadsheets. Planned centralizes all the modern tools you need in one platform.

  • Streamline your planning process

    Automatically send your event details to suppliers, skip the complicated onboarding and payment processes, and cut your planning time in half.

  • Keep everyone up to date

    Easily share your agendas and important information with suppliers. Invite as many collaborators as you want.

  • Centralized, at-a-glance communication

    Keep conversations going with multiple suppliers, no digging through old emails required.

Quotes comparison

Compare more, save more

The best way to get the best price is to compare quotes. In just a few clicks, Planned gives you a clear overview of all your options and helps you negotiate with suppliers.

  • All your event quotes are centralized in one place
  • Track your event budget as you go
  • Easily communicate and negotiate with suppliers, from the platform

Intuitive tools

One central source of truth

Dates, locations, budgets: event planners deal with constant changes. Planned makes it easy to keep everybody on the same page.

  • Invite as many collaborators as you want
  • Easily draft and revise agendas, to share with your team and suppliers
  • Chat and program calls with suppliers, directly from the platform

Intuitive tools

Thoughtfully designed for real-world planning

We've collaborated with 250+ event planners to design a platform that saves you time and efforts.

  • A clean interface that emphasizes the essential and feels straightforward, regardless of your technical background
  • We constantly listen to our users and bring new features that solve frustrating planning challenges
  • Planned's support team is highly responsive and always happy to jump in and help

How we help our enterprise clients

  • “ Planned provides us with a curated portfolio of best-in-class vendors and venues that helps simplify our search and saves loads of time securing exactly what is needed to make our events amazing. ”

    — Crystal Kuepfer Project Manager of Events at World Vision Canada
— Crystal Kuepfer Project Manager of Events at World Vision Canada