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Savings & payment

Secure spending & impressive savings 

Start maximizing your event & meeting program with centralized payments & policies.

Centralize payments and start saving

  • Flexible and secure payments

    Pay by credit card, wire transfer, or PO. We're trusted by world-class banks and accounting firms, and are SOC 2 & GDPR compliant.

  • Pay Planned and only Planned

    Skip the onboarding process and process all your transactions through Planned in a fast and secured way.

  • Centralized contracts & invoices

    Keep agreements and invoices organized so no detail is overlooked.


Optimized to save

Make it easy for your team to pay while following policies. Gain visibility over your budget and identify great savings opportunities:

  • Save time and ensure compliance by permitting Planned to execute contracts on your behalf

  • Automatically push your addendum to all contracts shared through Planned

Easy payments

Say goodbye to expense reports

Pay Planned and only Planned, on your own terms. 

  • Choose your payment method and pay through the platform, everywhere in the world
  • Integrate with your accounting system, and generate spending reports automatically

Fast & Secure

Trusted by the biggest financial firms

We don’t just make planning painless for you - we also make sure it’s secure.

  • SOC 2 and GDPR compliance proves we’ve earned the highest level of information integrity certifications
  • All payments through Planned are guaranteed and reliably protected
  • You can trust you’re getting the best supplier pricing with Planned - never any markups or sneaky fees

How we help our enterprise clients

  • “ Planned is brilliant. It lets us scale up our M&E volume through preferred suppliers without employing a massive team of planners. ”

    Global Commercial Card Program Manager at a Big Four Accounting Firm
Global Commercial Card Program Manager at a Big Four Accounting Firm