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Visibility & control

Find new ways to maximize your event budget 

Get everyone to follow your policies while keeping tabs on event spending at a company level.

Stay on top of all your events

Everyone has the potential to plan events, not everyone knows how.

Planned makes it easy for anyone to source, plan, and onboard suppliers, while following guidelines created by procurement. From your 20-person executive meetings to your 3,000-person conferences, we got you covered. 

Track your total spending, savings, and compliance - all from the same platform.

  • Put small meetings back on track

    Empower non-professional planners to book simple meetings the right way and strategically step back.

  • Make sure planners always get the best price

    Save more than 10% on each event by leveraging pre-negotiated rates and comparing more quotes.

  • Gain visibility on all events

    Track your spending, savings, and attendance - all from one central dashboard.


Push your event guidelines to your entire organization

Tired of explaining the same process over and over again? Empower all potential planners with a booking experience that is easy to follow and aligned with your policies.

  • Embed guard rails and policy reminders into the planning experience
  • Create custom approval flows and notifications for relevant stakeholders


Track your savings in real time

Say goodbye to all the spreadsheets and email threads, and start tracking your spending, savings, and attendance directly from your admin panel.

  • All your event suppliers are paid through the platform, giving you complete visibility
  • Save hours in manual reporting and improve your data accuracy
  • Automatically export to your data system through Planned's API

How we help our enterprise clients

  • “ Planned is brilliant. It lets us scale up our M&E volume through preferred suppliers without employing a massive team of planners. ”

    Global Commercial Card Program Manager at a Big Four Accounting Firm
Global Commercial Card Program Manager at a Big Four Accounting Firm