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Frequently-asked questions

  • What is Planned?

    Planned is an event sourcing and management platform for corporate event planners. Our platform lists suppliers across all categories (venues, caterers, AV, DJs, etc.) which our corporate event planners can choose to contact for their event needs. 

    Planned works exclusively with corporate clients - all inquiries and leads are from great companies such as L'Oreal, Amazon, and more. Planned centralizes all communication and syncs with your email for ease-of-use.

  • How/why am I receiving this inquiry?

    You're receiving an inquiry because our planners have expressed interest in booking you for their event, having found your listing via the Planned marketplace (which uses a variety of different sources of info to put together a listing page).

    Inquiries always come from corporate clients. These companies use only Planned for sourcing for their events - so no one else has access to these highly qualified leads. 

  • How does a booking work?

    If you're available or want to get more information about an event inquiry, respond to the email and you'll be able to be in direct contact with the event planner. You'll be able to chat directly and upload any files, quotes, contracts and invoices all the way to a finalized booking. 

  • Payments

    Planned also centralizes payment for all parties involved. When you upload your invoice, Planned automatically translates that invoice into a "Planned invoice" for the client. Clients always pay Planned and we pay out our suppliers. 

    Because we work with enterprise clients, they often have strict payment terms like they can only place payments 45 days after an event takes place, so make sure to clear that up in conversation. 

  • How can I get onboarded on Planned?

    We would love to give you full access to the platform. It's the best way to answer inquiries and experience Planned to the fullest. Please fill out this form and our supply team will contact you asap.

  • Any other questions?

    Please contact us through this form for any other questions and we will reach out to you asap!