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Suppliers terms

Last modified on February 20, 2024

General Code of Conduct for Use of the Platform

1. Cost: You create the listing for your business for free. As a pay-for-performance platform, you only pay Planned when your venue is successfully booked. Please book a call with our partnership manager to get more details on pricing

2. Custom terms: Each event is booked in accordance with your cancellation policies and payment terms that you set forth with the booking clients. Furthermore, you are welcome to use your own event and venue contracts when a client is booking with you.

3. Deposits: Deposits will be paid to you in full in accordance with the payment policies you have set forth with the booking client. Your preferred deposit policy can be listed directly on your listing on Planned, in addition to cancellation and payment terms.

4. Payments: All payments to your company come from Planned. The clients pay Planned, and we pay you in accordance with your payment policies.

5. PCI compliance: All payments on Planned are PCI and SOC2 compliant, powered by Stripe.

6. Event cancellation: Clients booking your venue in Planned will act in accordance with the cancellation policies you have set forth. Planned will not collect any commissions on events that are cancelled. If a cancellation is approved and refund is required, Planned will work with you directly to facilitate the refund.

7. Offline bookings: Commission is waived if the client does not come from Planned, and is sourced directly via your website. If the client’s initial contact comes from Planned, we will invoice you for our commission. If the client comes from Planned, we require the booking process to remain on the platform. 

8. Response times: We require that our clients will receive responses within 10 business hours of an inquiry. If we notice that requests continually take a long time to be answered or are ignored we may put your listing on a temporary hold and reach out to you to hopefully resolve the situation.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions about the TOU, please contact:

Planned Legal Services
[email protected]


Planned Legal Services
300 Mountain Street
Montreal, Quebec
H3C 2B1, Canada

If you have any questions regarding the Platform itself, please contact [email protected].