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We're Planned, the platform that brings people together. 

Great things happen when we're together. And we believe that the best way to make people want to connect IRL is through social and work events.

Our mission

Humans are social beings. We are happier when we connect with each other, we thrive when we feel we belong. 

At Planned, we believe that in-person events—with employees, clients, partners or all of the above—are the foundation of a strong culture. Our mission is to help companies bring people together through exceptional events that cannot be re-created at home.

How far we've come

Planned was created in 2017. A global pandemic and a couple of product pivots later, this is where we are. Growing faster than ever.

  • 3,250+ events organized in 2022

  • 130,000 suppliers

  • 100+ countries served

We raised $25M from: