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Registration to room block

Hotel room block to save at scale 

Let Planned negotiate your room block contracts, put your attrition management on auto-pilot, and streamline your RSVP flow.

Streamline your room block management

Modern tools, world-class service

  • Leverage your pre-negotiated rates

    Add your preferred suppliers and enforce 100% of your MSAs

  • Easy guest management

    Integrate your hotel reservation links in your RSVP emails, and simplify the registration flow

  • Unburden event planners

    Let Planned negotiate the best deal and sign on your behalf

Registration to room block

Put your group reservations on auto-pilot

  • Let Planned negotiate prices and attrition. Automatically push your addendums.
  • Create custom RSVP forms, emails, and reservation websites in minutes.
  • Let guests manage their own reservations on your dedicated website.

Avoid penalties

Save big on accommodation

With a unified process comes better savings opportunities.

  • Add your preferred suppliers from your admin panel and enforce 100% of your MSAs. 
  • Set up notifications before the cutoff date to avoid waste and penalties. 
  • Easily track guests’ responses and automate booking reminders

Sit back, relax, and save

All your guest management tools in one place

  • Merge your RSVP, flights, and accommodation tools, and simplify the booking flow for guests.
  • Track your total spend and savings in real-time.
  • Digitalize your guest management: no more sorting through messy spreadsheets.