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Event policies

Control all your events from one panel 

Drive compliance and cost-efficiency with dynamic policy and budget guardrails.

Put compliance on auto-pilot

Make it easy for everyone to book within policies, from small meetings to large events.

  • Automate compliance

    Automate policy guardrails, approval flows, and policy checklists.

  • Optimize savings

    Push addendums automatically to always get the best deal.

  • Streamline processes

    Drive adoption with one simple, modern process for booking and planning events.

Embedded policies

Push your event guidelines to your entire organization

Tired of explaining the same process over and over again? Empower all stakeholders with a booking experience that automates compliance.

  • Embed guardrails and policy reminders into the planning experience.
  • Create custom approval flows and notifications for relevant stakeholders.
  • Automatically push dynamic checklists that match your event requirements and policies.

Save money

Scale your Meetings & Events program

  • Drive adoption with a platform everyone loves using and expert service everyone can rely on.
  • Gain control and visibility over events of all sizes.
  • Bridge travel and events data to better leverage volume with hotels and suppliers.

Save time

Human expertise, AI precision

  • We train your AI recommendation engine on your custom policies and preferred suppliers.
  • Our team is available 24/5 to support your sourcing, negotiation, contracting, and more.
  • Stakeholders don't have to learn policies: we guide them through the booking process, regardless of the size of the event.