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Holiday party

Sparkle & celebrate 

Host unforgettable gatherings with the WOW factor made easy.

We're here to help you shine

Whether you have a specific vision for your party or don't know where to begin, Planned is ready to step in.

  • Find & book suppliers

    At your service: Our Marketplace's top-class vendors and venues. Quickly compare suppliers, communicate with them, and get their rates and availability - all in one place.

  • Powerful planning tools

    Keep your team on the same page with ease: Shared agendas, checklists, and budget managers promote seamless collaboration.

  • Payment & savings

    Say goodbye to scattered tracking with centralized payments, contracts, and invoices. Exclusive Planned discounts ensure you get the best deal every time.

  • Visibility & control

    Monitor budgets, generate reports, and manage users in seconds with our streamlined admin dashboard.

Venue variety

Find festive venues

Explore crowd-pleasing party venues, whether you’re planning a Halloween fear-fest or a Hanukkah feast.

  • Need a cozy, intimate space? An open loft for a huge crowd? Our Marketplace has it all.
  • Venue listings with 250+ data points for confident planning
  • More than 130,000 global venues (but our filters make choosing the right one a breeze)

Parties by Planned

Make merry with people who matter

For every party, and every personality, Planned has experiences for maximum magic.

  • Impress your guests with premier culinary classes, mixology masters, or local food-based tours
  • Set the mood with musicians and DJs who amplify your ambience: hip-hop, classical, jazz, and beyond
  • Vendor availability and pricing are clear and immediate

Gifts to cherish

Celebrate the season with custom gifts

Become a gold-medal gift giver with unique keepsakes that won’t get tossed or forgotten.

  • Diverse event and personality-based selections, from luxury self-care to festive souvenirs
  • Global and local vendors offer organic and fair-grade choices
  • Ready-made, beautifully packaged gift boxes save you time and are delightful to receive

How we help our enterprise clients

  • “ Planned is brilliant. It lets us scale up our M&E volume through preferred suppliers without employing a massive team of planners. ”

    — Global Head of Meetings & Events Big Four accounting firm
— Global Head of Meetings & Events Big Four accounting firm