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The ultimate shortcut: Event templates, crafted by experts 

Our free templates do the heavy lifting for your corporate events. Just add a few details to get started in a snap.

The fastest path to exceptional events

Sometimes you can have it all. Get matched with the right suppliers and create event proposals quickly. Efficiency and excellence go hand-in-hand with Planned.

  • Discover specially-selected vendors & venues

    Pre-filled supplier details save you from endless searches.

  • Reclaim your time without sacrificing quality

    Leverage checklists, agendas, and all the modern tools you need to cut your planning time in half.

  • Unlock exclusive discounts & company savings

    Our support helps you save money, too. Spend 13% less when booking in-platform.

Get the scoop from our products team

  • “ We've worked with event managers all over the world and built these templates to make planning easier for any scale. ”

    — Gabriella Hachem Director of Product at Planned
— Gabriella Hachem Director of Product at Planned