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Bring Your Team Together

Madison Bonser

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It’s no secret that work models have shifted in the last two years, so it’s crucial to ensure that you’re still bringing your company together even if everyone is working remotely! With good intentions, clear visions, and the right resources, you can bring everyone together in 2022.

Here are ways to bring your team together this year!

Quarterly Team-building Events

Gather your team for a beach day!

Team building events are a fun way to bring team together for an opportunity to bond! You can plan these in a virtual, hybrid or in-person format, and the options are endless. By bringing your team together every quarter, everyone can build trust, instil strong communication, and share a laugh. Some ideas for team building activities include: taking a tequila tasting class, meditation workshop, or a homemade pasta class.

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Milestone celebrations

It’s vital to celebrate the wins together! As your company sets annual goals, host a celebration once that milestone has been achieved. These celebrations are a great way to show your employees how important it is to recognize how far you’ve come as a team as well as a great opportunity for managers to get creative. They should be fun, exciting and innovative!

Some ideas for these celebrations: Host a funny, light-hearted award ceremony, reserve a restaurant for a fancy dinner, or book a photography studio for new headshots and lunch!

Change your team's environment by hosting an offsite.

Off-site brainstorming

Studies have shown that changing your environment can improve your ability to think of new and innovative ideas. Host a company or department-wide offsite so everyone can put their best brainstorming foot forward. Managers can bring a list of high level issues or problems that need solutions, and throughout your offsite, set up brainstorm sessions for everyone to participate.

As much as this is about coming up with creative problem solving, this is also about an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other outside of the office, so feel free to set up daily lunch reservations for everyone to attend, or hire a professional to host a workshop (wine tasting, comedian, etc.).

Monthly company-wide events

Bringing the entire company together can seem like a tall mountain to climb, but with the appropriate planning it’s reasonable! A key component of establishing a strong company culture is done through bringing everyone together. For companies that are working remotely, finding the best time of day can be tricky, but sending out a survey can help find a good fit. These monthly company-wide events don’t need to be flashy, they can be informative while still being entertaining.

The best approach for implementing any or all of these events is to start slow and small. There’s no need to start by booking a long weekend in Napa Valley or renting out an entire hotel in New York City. It’s best to plan these events out methodically and grow to scale at a pace that makes the most sense for your company.

Most importantly, ask your team what they would like to do! Send out a survey or a poll to get an understanding of what a majority of everyone would enjoy. Most importantly, have fun with it!

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