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Exclusive GBTA offer

Attending GBTA? Looking for a Cvent alternative? We have an offer for you 

If your Cvent contract is up for renewal in the next 12 months, we will waive our implementation fees, saving you up to $70,000. Download our offer to learn how you can leverage a new generation of Strategic Meetings Management tools, at no extra cost.

Trusted by the best

Stay on top of all your events

Everyone has the potential to plan events, not everyone knows how.

Planned makes it easy for anyone to source, plan, and onboard suppliers, while following guidelines created by procurement. From your 20-person executive meetings to your 3,000-person conferences, we got you covered. 

Track your total spending, savings, and compliance - all from the same platform.

  • No certification needed

    Planned is intuitive to anyone in your organization, enabling true optimization at scale.

  • Real tech that saves time

    Planned uses ChatGPT to automatically collect quotes from suppliers, saving 15h per event.

  • Embedded policies

    Procurement teams set up custom approval flows and policy guard lines to enable safe decentralized planning.

What the pros are saying

  • “ No one has time right now, so we need to empower employees with the right tools to source suppliers themselves. ”

    — Kara Brayton Global Travel Manager - DRW Holdings
— Kara Brayton Global Travel Manager - DRW Holdings