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Fresh off the press

Why you need a meeting and event program in 2023 

No longer a perk — small events are taking up 43% of the average events & travel budget. It’s time for organizations to optimize their procurement program. Download the whitepaper for expert insights on how to implement the right policies and budget tracking process, and see the time and cost savings industry leaders have achieved.

Takeaways tailored for you

…event planners and procurement experts alike

  • Strategy

    Why and how to make your meetings and events program a priority in your organization.

  • Best practices

    The must-have policies outlined by procurement leaders at companies like McKesson and DRW.

  • Measuring the impact

    How to prepare your teams for change, set expectations, and measure the impact in order to scale.

What the pros are saying

  • “ No one has time right now, so we need to empower employees with the right tools to source suppliers themselves. ”

    — Kara Brayton Global Travel Manager - DRW Holdings
— Kara Brayton Global Travel Manager - DRW Holdings