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What's New: Supplier Recommendations

Madison Bonser

Written on

Part of the event planning process is discovery and sourcing the perfect event suppliers. A mission of Planned is to decrease the time spent on that process by 60% or more. One way that Planned is aiming to do that is by recommending suppliers directly to our users based on their event needs.

60% less time spent on discovery and sourcing the perfect event suppliers

With this new feature, all Planned users will receive event supplier recommendations directly from the Planned team! If you don’t love what you see or want some more recommendations for different supplier categories, you can easily request more recommendations and select the categories.

After recommendations are added to your event, you and all event collaborators will receive an email regarding the new recommendations.

Once you’ve browsed the recommendations, you have the ability to add your favorites to your ‘Saved’ list and contact the supplier immediately.

Viewing your recommended suppliers from "My suppliers".

This new recommendation feature is a great way to collaborate with your Account Manager who can help you with all your events!

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