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What's New: August 2022 product updates

Madison Bonser

Written on

Modal in inbox

A new way to categorize shared files!

One of the ways Planned streamlines the event planning process is through direct communication between clients and event suppliers. Once a client has discovered an event supplier from the Marketplace they are interested in, they can message them directly.

From the initial inquiry, the client and event supplier communicate directly via their inbox. This feature allows for centralized communication, organization of files, and easy record-keeping.

Beyond the ability to send files via the inbox feature, Planned categorizes file types to enhance organization for both clients and suppliers. Finding your latest quote or contract version has never been easier.

New Marketplace filters

Find exactly what you're looking for through Marketplace filters!

Planned has launched new Marketplace filters to enhance your supplier discovery process. With these filters, users can narrow their search and find the perfect fit for their upcoming event. Users are able to save suppliers as favorites for multiple events too, making contacting them at any point a breeze!

Whether searching for a specific venue style or a woman-led company, these filters will streamline the discovery process so all event planners can be matched with an event supplier that meets their needs. These new filters can be used in all supplier categories (venues, food & beverage, AV, etc.).

Contact in listings

Contacting event suppliers has never been easier!

With this new feature, Planned continues to streamline each user’s experience. Planners can contact a supplier directly from their listing about a specific event with a personalized message. This new feature allows users to contact multiple event suppliers at once, maximizing efficiency.

In addition to contacting the supplier directly from the supplier listing, users can view the average response time for each supplier to understand when to expect to hear back from the supplier.