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Top expert tips on building a corporate event program

The events industry is undergoing shifts causing pressure and excitement for people in planning and procurement.

What are the best practices to ride the waves? In our whitepaper and infographic to follow, we’ve outlined how a well-designed meeting and event program is the key to seeing great time and cost savings in 2023.

The overview & the in-depth insight

— the frequency, design and expectation of events has shifted

— with remote workforces, people want to connect through experiences

— more frequent events has shown success in attendance and engagement

— scattered M&E spend takes up much more of company budgets than some realize

— a program supported by eventtech centralizes and streamlines sourcing and invoicing processes for visibility, oversight and great savings

Go deeper with our whitepaper

For more in-depth insight on strategy, best practices and expectations of the impact an M&E program could have for your company, read Why you need a meeting and event program in 2023. It’s full of conversations with leading procurement and events experts from healthcare, law firms, and global sporting apparel companies.

Rather talk it over with one of our internal experts?

We hear you, and we love to talk shop. Book a call with a meetings & events expert and learn how other companies are approaching their own events program.