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Event Tips
3 min read 6 days ago

Meet in Montreal

As the second most-populous city in Canada and largest in Québec, Montréal has the highest number of restaurants per capita which makes for an incredible location for corporate events. With its historic architecture and laid-back atmosphere, it’s no wonder this metropolis on the Saint Lawrence River ranks as the number one host city for international events in North America. Among Montréal’s claims to prominence are as the birthplace of the world-famous Cirque de Soleil, host city of the 1976 Olympic Games, and home to Expo ’67, often cited as one of the best World Exhibitions of the 20th century. We’ve been proud to call Montréal our hometown since Planned’s founding in 2017. Take it from us that the city of “Concordia Salus” (salvation through harmony) and its venues will surpass your guests’ expectations. Golf Exécutif Montréal This venue has taken traditional respects of a golf club and modernized it. With a number of facilities like a 9-hole golf course, practice grounds, driving range and golf simulators, this venue delivers an exceptional experience for those that appreciate refinement and class, which can be used for many kinds of activities and events, both during and outside the golf season. Au Sommet Place Ville-Marie and Restaurant Les Enfants Terribles Reflecting current architectural trends, you will enjoy breathtaking views of Montreal from this fully glazed venue. Gypsy Kitchen and Bar With its Californian design, this venue invites you to stop your trip in a cozy yet soothing ambiance. A perfectly balanced mix of wood and concrete blends with plants and natural textiles in order to create a comfortable space. It’s a paradise for digital nomads and for local and eco-friendly food lovers. Bord’Elle Imagine entering a venue that has three distinct spaces inspired by the 1920s that will make you feel as if you have traveled back to a time of great prestige. Every space was carefully designed to bring an air of exclusivity and a definitive sense of sophistication. Enjoying the beautiful venues in Montreal is easy when you use our marketplace to discover all that they have to offer, from amenities like sound systems, furniture, display screens, and natural light, and facilities like loading docks, storage space, and wheelchair accessibility. Take comfort in knowing that these Planned venues will enhance your event. Discover our Montreal venues now!

Event Tips
2 min read 2 weeks ago

New Stop, Vancouver

It’s no secret that British Columbia in the summer is unbeatable. With everyone out and about, walking, running, swimming, roller skating, and everything in between, the vibes make for a great four months of sunshine. Our marketplace is filled with venues in Vancouver that will make your summer events unforgettable and surrounded by British Columbia’s natural beauty. Magic Yacht Charters With the largest and finest fleet of charter yachts in BC, Magic Yacht Charters has two decades of experience. “Rain, snow, or shine, our yachts are always a good time.” “Somewhere tropical or one of the social spaces on our yachts? Cozy up on our sofas in our recently renovated yachts.” Polygon Gallery The Polygon Gallery’s distinctive architecture is prominent along the North Vancouver harbour front, appearing as a singular, cohesive form. “The Polygon is one of Canada’s most acclaimed photography and media art galleries.” The new gallery’s central mass floats above the ground plane, providing access to a new public space and a sweeping view of Vancouver’s skyline across the inlet.” Dockside Restaurant Located on the waterfront where Granville Island faces the city, guests can enjoy panoramic views across False Creek to the world-famous cityscape of Yaletown and beyond to the mountains of the North Shore. “Our waterfront dining room is a perfect place to take in the view of False Creek and Yaletown.” “Sunny days by the water are our favourite part of summer.” False Creek Yacht Club The lounge and award-winning club boasts some of the most spectacular water views in the City of Vancouver and can be the perfect backdrop to your night. “Located in beautiful downtown Vancouver, we are a first-class Yacht Club and Marina.” “Our view is the best view!” Enjoying the warm months with great views in Vancouver is a must for visitors and residents alike, so check out all of our picturesque venuesin our marketplace that take full advantage of the natural beauty of Canada’s paradise by the Pacific.

Event Tips
2 min read 1 month ago

Summer Twenty-Twenty Won is Coming!

Ensuring our marketplace is jam packed with curated vendors and venues to meet your needs is our top priority. With summer approaching, we’ve added more outdoor venues and warm weather experiences for you to discover. Here are some outdoor venue ideas to keep in mind: Hotel Nelligan in Montreal This setting provides for a dynamic environment with stone and brick walls, offering signature, old-city style. Island Oyster in Brooklyn An innovative venue that creates and operates experiences focused on food and maritime views. The Chase in Toronto The rooftop restaurant highlights what is loved the most about upscale dining, and presents it in a modest and thoughtful way. Townhouse Hotel in Miami Townhouse Hotel Miami Beach provides the complete home-away-from-home experience, where making footprints on the beach is minutes away from leaving your mark in downtown Miami. Enjoying the warmer summer months is easy and stress-free at one of our spectacular outdoor or rooftop venues. Check out our extensive and growing inventory of hotels, restaurants, and social distancing-friendly venues. Pump up the fun with live music, dance performances, immersive cooking experiences, or an outdoor movie night! Book a demo today and let Planned empower your next event.

Event Tips
2 min read 5 months ago

Suffering from Zoom-fatigue?

Despite the much-needed “social” connection and efficiency that Zoom and other screen sharing platforms have provided companies in the last year, many event planners are facing the issue of resolving ‘Zoom-fatigue’. Part of our mission at Planned is to revolutionize events, and now more than ever it’s about navigating away from the awkward silences and “you’re on mute, Nancy!” in online events. We’ve heard it time and time again referred to as “Zoom fatigue” or the “Doom of Zoom.” The good news is, Planned has a solution! Our expansive marketplace is filled with suppliers who are here to support your every event need and are dedicated to creating a virtual event experience that is interactive and will make your company feel together again. Don’t settle for a sad-looking happy hour with minimal conversation, let Planned bring the fun! Our mission in 2021 is to reconnect companies through Planned by exploring the endless possibilities of virtual events. Explore what’s possible for your next event with Planned, book a demo! Attend our upcoming exclusive event next week featuring three of our incredible suppliers to get your creative event planning juices flowing: RSVP

Event Tips
3 min read 5 months ago

Winning Tips For All of Your Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has created challenges for the event planning industry, but we continue to be inspired by the resilience of our clients and partners. With the input of event planners throughout North America, we’ve fully optimized our product for the planning of every type of event imaginable. We offered a solution to enterprises throughout 2020 without compromising our clients’ innovation and the integrity of their events. As 2021 begins and we look to the future of corporate events, one thing is clear: companies need to reconnect through Planned, now more than ever. We are here to offer a solution to companies throughout their journey to re-introducing in-person events again. With a new year ahead of us, we see an opportunity for companies to engage as a team in a post-pandemic world. We understand the stress that occurs in all aspects of event planning and our priority is to make the process intuitive. Enterprises have used our product for events that are large and small, internal and external, and of course, virtual, hybrid and in-person. Here are five tips for a winning strategy for your next event: Tip #1: Make a Choice! Decide which type of event you would like to plan: in-person, virtual or hybrid. From there you will be able to strategically plan which aspect of our marketplace to browse through and which suppliers to connect with. Tip #2: Don’t Limit Yourself To guarantee your event will be successful, unique, and safe, join Planned. Planned has an expansive marketplace of venues, A/V, staffing, equipment, catering, and everything else you may need for your event. Tip #3: Stay Informed! Use our COVID-19 map to stay updated on the gathering regulations implemented by your government officials. Gathering restrictions change daily due to the pandemic, and we know event planners need to know the latest, so this tool allows you to stay up to date on information that directly affects your events. Tip #4: Take Safety Seriously This year will look a lot less like a computer screen and more like making meaningful connections in person again. With this being said, make sure you are prioritizing sanitation. Luckily our marketplace includes suppliers that specialize in this. We have partnered with sanitization and mask suppliers, cleaning staff, and rental companies with a zero-risk guarantee. Tip #5: Reconnect through Planned Visit our website, book a demo, and start creating your exciting and innovative events from start to finish using Planned. Let Planned reconnect your company in 2021.

Event Tips
3 min read 8 months ago

How to Plan for Virtual Halloween

This year’s holiday falls on a Saturday and a rare blue full moon — which calls for a long night of extra spooky celebrations. As much as we love to go all-out on costumes, binge eat our favorite candies, and pull out all the stops on the office and home decorations, Halloween 2020 will be slightly different this year. But different doesn’t mean canceled. We need to get a lil’ creative to continue spooky szn (social distance style), and that’s why we’ve come up with some ideas to not let the Halloween fun die this year. Here are 5 ways to virtually celebrate Halloween with your staff, friends, or family while in quarantine: 🎃Virtual costume contest: there’s no need to let your Oscar-worthy costume go to waste. Be sure everyone who joins in on the call is dressed and ready to go in costume. To make it a real contest, send out categories such as scariest costume, funniest costume, or most creative costume. Have all attendees vote during the call using the poll feature, and organize prizes such as gift cards. May the best costume win! 🎃 Virtual games: curate a list of Halloween themed games to be a part of the night’s itinerary. Escape rooms, murder mystery, online tarot card readings, Ouiji board experience — your options are endless to select games that will maintain the creepy tone. These games will challenge, scare, and bring everyone together! By the way, we have suppliers that offer amazing game experiences from escape rooms to murder mystery challenges! 🎃 Horror movie marathon: if you’re more up for something low-key and (somewhat) relaxing consider hosting a horror movie marathon. Using the streaming platform Metastream allows all attendees to watch the film simultaneously. Stream some Halloween classics like The Exorcist, Halloween, or Carrie, or newer films such as Get Out, Paranormal Activity, or Mother! Get your popcorn ready and mentally prepare yourself for what’s to come. 🎃 Send treats: nothing screams Halloween than sweet treats. Give your attendees something sweet to snack on and send them holiday-inspired goodies. Go all out and send them Halloween baskets, or something small like personalized Halloween ghost cookies or candied apples. Get your team excited and use a virtual vendor to send out your spooky goodie bags before the 31st. 🎃 Creepy cocktails: make it a real adult party by whipping up creepy cocktails! Hire a virtual mixologist to help all guests make Halloween-inspired drinks for a fun and engaging element to the party. Prep with the mixologist beforehand and send out the ingredient list before the party so everyone can have the ingredients on hand. Get ready to sip on tasty beverages! We’re partnered with some great mixologists that can elevate your virtual party’s drinking experience. They’ll deliver kits directly to your guests’ door and then teach everyone how to make the drinks. Browse our mixologist vendors now to reserve your spot. We can still enjoy Halloween activities even though we can’t all be together. So get everyone together (virtually) and get those Zoom invites ready! Or… take it a little further and host a full-on event with custom themes to go…

Event Tips
8 min read 10 months ago

How to Host the Ultimate Summer Party

Summer 2020 has been different for all of us, to say the least. Instead of a summer filled with music festivals, jet setting, and endless beach days, we’ve now embraced cottage weekends, many nights at the driving range, and outdoor activities. Despite our summer adventures differing from our usual, we’ve all made the best of it. As we notice the sun beginning to set a little earlier, pumpkin spice szn creeps upon us. So let’s take the time to celebrate the last of our new summer norm, and end on a positive note — safely of course. Party Ideas To really WOW your guests and bid this summer (a bittersweet) goodbye we’ve come up with some ideas to exit summer 2020 with a bang. Movie night Drive-in theatres have been popping off this summer, bringing us back to an era we all wanted to be a part of. Even better, now, you can bring the drive-in theatre to your home. Set up your outdoor theatre by using a projector on the side of your house or garage and host a screening of your film favorites. Plan a girls' night watching Mean Girls, have a scary movie marathon with the Halloween franchise, or a total action-packed night with your fave Fast & the Furious. Be sure to have ample amounts of space for the screening so you and your guests can all properly social distance. Get cozy with a cute lounge set up to set the mood. Need deco inspo? Check out our End of Summer Party Pinterest board for ideas to create movie vibes. Don’t forget to prep all the best movie snacks to munch on during the film! Make it a true theatre concession stand heaven and have a table lined up with all the best movie treats. Go all out — serve popcorn, a variety of candies & chocolates, nachos, and hot-dogs. Rule of thumb: there can never be enough food. Outdoor karaoke Not in the mood for the movie night? Host an outdoor karaoke soiree instead! We all miss the rush of heading up on stage to belt out your go-to karaoke song, and since karaoke nights have been put on hold, bring it your home. You can still safely social distance and use the outdoor projector setup for a fun-filled night of singing all your favorite tunes. Have all the guests bring their own mics, and have an entertaining designated MC to pump everyone up in between finding all requested songs! Get ready to bust out all your favorite tracks and see who in your group can be the next star on The Voice. Themes Make it the party everyone talks about for the rest of the year by giving it a wicked theme. Mexican fiesta (taco vibes)Summer LuauBoho ChicWine tasting (here’s your opportunity to throw in a fun activity. Have everyone bring a different kind of wine, sample off tasters, and then guess where it originates from and the price) Pool Party We have limited time to go for a dip so take advantage of the warm…

Event Tips
11 months ago

Planned’s Safety Checklist

As strict lockdown guidelines are beginning to lift, we’re finally starting to think about reigniting the distant memory of IN-PERSON events. It’s safe to say that we are all beyond excited to ditch the Zoom fatigue, however, we must keep in mind that in order for our events to run smoothly, we need to be on our safety A-game. Remember that over these quarantimes, your guests have likely developed a heightened sense of germaphobia, and they will pay close attention to their risks of infection when deciding whether or not to attend your event. We understand you’re nervous to get going, but we’ve come up with an extensive, yet concise safety checklist for you to refer back to as you strategize for your post-COVID celebrations. Size Up Your Risk: First and foremost, you need to assess the risk that COVID-19 might be transmitted at your event. Particularly, if you’re a corporate event planner, the spreading of the virus at one of your events could quickly turn into a PR nightmare. So, working on a comprehensive risk assessment strategy will not only help you make more informed decisions but also sleep more soundly at night. To measure the risk, you should consider many different factors. Recognize that the chance of infection will increase with the number and age of guests, the location of the event and if the event is held indoors instead of outside. Once you’ve accounted for these, you can make more knowledgeable decisions on what safety measures you will take. You might then decide to enforce a mask-wearing policy, decrease the duration of the event, or omit the food and drink service. Ditch the Coronasplaining, Keep Your Guests Informed: It’s important that you keep your attendees in-the-know on all of the steps you’re taking to ensure their safety, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with a wave of disorganized, confusing information. To make sure that the most relevant instructions reach your guests, include your safety guidelines on the ticket purchasing webpage, in the event registration confirmation email, and in your communications leading up to the event. Within these guidelines share your safety decision-making process, mention what to bring, list the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, explain how to prevent infection, and detail what guests should do if they feel sick. Specify that guests must stay home if they experience COVID-19 symptoms, such as cough, fever, or gastrointestinal issues. During the ticket confirmation process, require guests to self-certify that they will adhere to the event’s safety policies. Also, consider offering a flexible refund policy, along with a live-streaming option, to deter guests with the self-diagnosed “sniffles” who might be on the fence about coming. Finally, send out an email a few days before the event to remind event-goers of these policies and, at the event entrance, post signs which reiterate your safety guidelines. Keep Guests At a Distance (6 ft, To Be Precise): If you think back to your middle school dance days, and remember when your teachers would approach you and…

Event Tips
6 min read 12 months ago

7 Ways to Unify Attendees at Your Next Hybrid Event

These past few months of quarantine have put a serious strain on the events industry. Our social gatherings have been limited to (many) virtual happy hours and socially distanced picnics, which have forced us to adjust from our usual hustle and bustle. It’s safe to say that we’re all starting to miss authentic human interaction. Thankfully, there’s a glimmer of light at the end of this tunnel. As gathering restrictions ease-up, we’ll soon have a better idea of when events can start again. In the meantime, we’re (im)patiently waiting for the green light on hybrid events. It can be difficult for planners to keep virtual guests engaged, that’s why this new way of planning is the way to go. Don’t worry… no FOMO will be felt by any participant, those on-site and at-home will feel like they’re all together sharing the same experience! 1. Keep your guests entertained No one wants to attend an event with back-to-back speakers and basically no signs of life. Be sure to include exciting vendors into your schedule to really enhance your guests’ experiences. We’re all used to impressive vendors at events, and there’s no reason to exclude them from your Hybrid event. A mid-event yoga session? A brand-focused magic comedy sketch? There are no limits on what you can incorporate to elevate your event for your audience’s enjoyment! Finding vendors could be a pain point for a lot of planners. Using our curated marketplace, you can easily find the entertainment you need to keep your guests engaged. Chefs, virtual magicians, robots, virtual mixology class — you name it, we have it! 2. A little gift never hurt Everyone loves receiving gifts! So why not thank the attendees for their presence by making sure everyone gets something special. It can be small like a keepsake picture from a photo booth, or a cute tote bag filled with sponsored merch. Don’t forget about virtual guests! Be sure to send them the same thank-you gift as in-person guests. If the presents can’t be the same, gift those at home with something sweet like beautifully packaged baked goods from a local pastry shop, or even something as simple as a personalized handwritten thank-you note. Looking for customized merch? We have vendors offering high-quality screen printing, garment embroidery, and direct garment printing all with customized printing options for a variety of pieces. Need a cool photo booth with the best lighting and props available? Planned is partnered with a variety of photo booth options that have taken measures to be COVID safe within different cities. Here’s what they’re doing: Digital props added directly to the mirror screen where the selfie concierge will take care of customizing the photo with your desired props and completely operating the selfie booth (all you have to do is SMIZE)A completely contactless experience where your picture can be sent to you via SMS text or emailOption to locate the photo booth in an open-air area to respect social distancing guidelinesThorough sanitization of the photo…

Event Tips
5 min read 1 year ago

The 411 on Hybrid Events

Meet Sara — a 29-year-old event planner for a well-funded tech company. She’s been mandated to plan an event to ‘welcome back’ the team after working from home for way too long. The big issue here? The company has offices in three different cities with over 200 employees. Hoping to impress her coworkers, she’s been scrolling Pinterest and Google non-stop. Sara is struggling to find a way to bring everyone together and make them feel united again. Sara’s not alone. All kinds of planners are struggling with what to do and where to start. Well thankfully, event planners are agile. While the industry is constantly changing, planners are simultaneously looking for new innovative ways to make their events unique and accessible. Hybrid events, here’s your cue. Here’s some inside scoop on everything you need to know from the first steps of planning to the benefits of going hybrid. The hybrid hype Hybrid events are all the rage. They’re the newest way to plan to unite in-person elements with virtual components. Not to be confused with virtual events, hybrid events optimize strong A/V components that connect in-person guests with virtual guests. Tech components can range from live Q&A sessions, polls, and social media interactions to broadcasting multiple speakers simultaneously. Plus, if you want to be extra AF, incorporate experiential additions to enrich your event and take it to the next level. Use unique vendors and interactive tech elements to get the best return on experience. So, call in all your favors: get your magician, chef, and yogi friends ready. Hybrid events can be adapted to anything you’ve hoped and dreamed for, whether that’s a conference, team building activity, seminar, or product launch. When they’re executed well, hybrid events create a new kind of environment where everyone feels like they’re together. They allow you to start planning again, reaching the same amount of people you would have before the pandemic — just in different ways. Since we’re all craving human interaction, hybrid events are the best option. These companies are using the hybrid approach … and we think you should too: Nike- they host four hybrid events a year for their product launches to be able to reach European regional teams. They live stream their meetings from the Netherlands and ship the new products to each site. By going hybrid, they’re able to preserve the employee hype around the new collections launching and have the entire Nike team a part of the unveiling. Intel Extreme Masters — esports is an industry with players that know how to create a good hybrid event model. Intel Extreme Masters is one of the largest esports tournaments in the world that hosts a variety of championship games. In 2019, 174,000 people attended in-person and 46 MILLION people watched online. Talk about major REACH. Not a company but… John Mayer. Even musicians are going hybrid. In 2017, John Mayer performed live in bars while live-streaming on Facebook Live during his Dive Bar Tour. It brought him to the top of the Facebook…

Event Tips
2 min read 1 year ago

Your Hybrid Checklist

Who said hybrid events couldn’t be fun? Cool? Memorable? Here are 6 starting points to make your event stand out. Be equipped Having all the right technical equipment needed to broadcast a high-quality conference through an online platform is important. This might seem straightforward, but nailing down the tech part of a hybrid event is definitely the key factor to success. This includes adequate wifi-bandwidth, cameras, microphones, and on-site staff for technical support. Preparation is key Relying on tech could be risky. We know you’re busy, but make sure you free up some time for tests. Make sure everything is running smoothly so that none of your guests miss out. Personable entertainment Choose someone who can reel in your guests to host your event. An EMCEE isn’t always appropriate, but if it is, find someone entertaining. Entertainment could be anything you want it to be. With hybrid events, you can think outside of the box by making your event more interactive or even adding on a theme. Collaborate with unique suppliers This is the fun part! Add personalized touches to your event by working with tech-based AR and VR vendors or create exclusive event merchandise to increase the event’s human interaction (everyone loves cute merch). Oh! By the way, we have a marketplace filled with the best venues and vendors across North America. Discover and book our suppliers to add some spice to your event. We have chefs who are camera ready and magicians who love doing close up magic on Zoom. Make it interactive Don’t leave anybody out! Incorporate interactive components into any kind of event you’re planning. Live polls via SMS, Q&A sessions, and online brainstorming can bring together all of your groups of guests. Solid organization Staying on top of everything is crucial to create that one-of-a-kind and fun event experience for all audiences. All that to say… we miss face-to-face interaction as much as you do. Hybrid events are the next best thing. Bring together elements from any other event you’ve planned and top it off with hybrid event benefits. We’re diving deep in — communication, collaboration tools, big reach (pandemic and all) while reducing your costs. Start discovering, planning, and booking all in one place. We want to make this as easy as it can be for you. We’ve teamed up with some of the best virtual event companies. Select a virtual event tool to get started, or get in touch with one of our hybrid-event experts to get you the info you need.  Explore what’s possible for your next event with Planned, book a demo!

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