Planned is always innovating to find ways to simplify the event planning process for all event planners. Whether you’ve never planned an event before or you consider yourself a vet– we want to ensure that Planned clients save money and time. 

One way we do this is by creating valuable and efficient filters and icons within our marketplace. That way, our clients can get to the suppliers they need, clearly and quickly. 


Due to the vast array of suppliers in our marketplace, we want it to be as easy as possible for our users to find the perfect suppliers for their event. Our venue filters narrow down search by amenities, Google ratings, facilities, style (a very loved filter!), price, indoor/outdoor, and level of privacy. We chose these filters with the help of our incredible clients- after hundreds of conversations with our users, we decided on the most important filters based on what they look for when sourcing. Going off the same conversations, our vendor specific filters are more streamlined, including vendor type, price, and social impact. 

Some of the venue filters in the marketplace.


Unfortunately, we’re not referring to Britney Spears or NSYNC, but we’re talking about the cool little graphics in the Planned marketplace. 

There are five icons you will come across when you are discovering the listings in the marketplace. Starting with the most loved- the 3D icon. This 3D icon allows users to know when a venue has been 3D mapped. 3D mapping is a virtual tour that allows you to explore the entire venue in just a few clicks. These mappings provide incredible value to event planners and saves a lot of time by avoiding the need to do an onsite tour. 

The 3D icon on the right hand side of the listing.

The virtual icon has been hugely important since the pandemic outbreak. This icon notifies our users that this supplier offers virtual services! 

A third icon in our marketplace is the green check mark- what we refer to as the verified icon! Similar to Instagram- but also very different. This verified icon shows that this supplier is a preferred Planned partner, and we highly recommend them! 

The last two icons: the woman icon and the heart icon. These two icons represent our two social impact filters. These two icons allow our users to search for specific suppliers that are women-led or minority-led. 

The virtual icon on the upper right hand side, the verified check mark next to the supplier’s name, and both the woman-led and minority-led (heart) icons next to the pricing.

And that’s a wrap! These are the current filters and icons that are in our marketplace, but stay tuned as we continue to expand and find more unique ways to save our users time and money.

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Planned Pricing Model

Planned Pricing ModelAccording to Hubspot, “so much about SaaS product’ success hinges on a smart pricing model. Given this, developing a well-thought-out pricing plan is extremely important. Customers might opt-out of their subscription if they feel your prices are too high, but you also need to charge enough to keep your company afloat.” Planned has zero cost to try the platform and here’s why! Planned has two different account opportunities: Basic account and Enterprise account. Our basic account allows users to login to the platform and begin their Planned journey for FREE. While the enterprise account has three main added benefits that our users can choose to pay for individually. The benefits of each can be found below and listed on our website. The differences between the two Planned accounts. Our pricing model is simple with no hidden fees or easy-to-miss fine print: we charge a 3% processing fee for every booking. So there’s absolutely no cost to trying out the platform for any event you’re planning- we’ll simply charge 3% if you find your supplier and book through us. In addition to the 3%, the Enterprise account is broken down into three components: Single Sign On (SSO), Preferred Suppliers, and Customized Spending Reports. Here’s an explanation of what each of these mean: SSO: A verification method that enables users to securely authenticate with multiple applications and websites by using one set of credentials. By logging into your company’s servers, you will be able to access Planned without having to enter a username/password. Preferred Suppliers: Allow us to onboard your preferred suppliers and have them displayed within the marketplace. If you have preferred rates with those suppliers, we will honor those rates. Let Planned be your centralized tool to generate company-wide savings by putting your preferred suppliers in front of the users Customized Spending Reports: Leverage our reporting capabilities and let us display the information you need! Since payments are now through Planned, we can pull all the most relevant information to allow you to make more informed financial forecasts and budgeting decisions. The reason for these three components is because we want to allow our users to have the freedom to pay for the benefits they prefer and avoid paying extra for features that do not apply to their event planning needs. We’ll let other companies handle charging upfront costs of over $25,000 or $595 per month, and leave the fair pricing model to Planned. Planned likes to keep everything streamlined and simple. So when it comes to using the platform and pricing, we’ve upheld those values. If you’re interested in opening an account, book a demo today and let’s talk!

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