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Duty of care

Modern tracking and outreach tools for corporate safety 

Give yourself, and your travelers, peace of mind with every trip.

  • Centralize traveler info

    With every event and trip detail in one platform, keeping track of traveler status, information and location is easy

  • Duty of care

    Minimize risk by leveraging technology and service to support your travelers 24/7 and check in as needed

  • Easy communication

    Whether you need to inform your travelers, or they need assistance during their trip, it’s only a phone, email or chat away

Keep tabs

Real-time traveler tracking

  • Worldwide view: Maintain visibility on your travelers every step of the way on the Live Map.
  • Get in touch: Whenever urgent outreach is needed, communicate by phone or text.
  • Detailed travel log: View past, present and future trips.

Experienced agents

Exceptional service 24/7

  • With Planned, your travelers will have 24/7 access to experienced agents by chat, phone and email.
  • No need to provide details: when you contact an agent, they have visibility on your trip, event, company policies, and traveler credits.

Traveler journey

Support from A to B

  • Pre-trip: Prepare travelers by sharing the most current information on travel restrictions and visa requirements.
  • During the trip: Notify travelers about any health and security concerns. They can modify their travel plans on their own or get 24/7 assistance from our experienced agents.
  • Post-trip: Leverage data on traveler behavior to refine and enhance travel policies for future trips.