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RSVP and Hotel room block

Leverage modern guest management tools 

Everything from sourcing to registration to travel, streamlined. Increase your booking efficiencies and savings with RSVP and room block on Planned.

  • Hotel room block

    Let your travelers book from your preferred hotels around the world

  • Custom registration site

    Build an event registration site in five minutes or less

  • Room block dashboard

    Review RSVPs and bookings in the designated attendee dashboard

Centralized tools

Simplify your guests’ registration flow

  • Hotel room block: Book accommodation through the platform with support from our agents. 
  • Save on every room block: Add your preferred suppliers from your admin panel and enforce 100% of your MSA
  • Branded registration: Create custom RSVP forms, emails, and reservation websites in minutes.
  • Event and trip invites: Integrate your hotel reservation links into RSVP emails, and simplify registration for your guests.

Optimize savings

Digitalize and optimize guest management

No more sorting through messy spreadsheets.

  • From registration to room block, enjoy a centralized experience from your event brief to trip bookings.
  • Let guests book their own travel from hotel room blocks or preferred suppliers.
  • Review responses and booking needs in the attendee dashboard.
  • Track savings from your hotel room blocks and leverage volume data for future bookings.
  • In search of service? We negotiate everything on your behalf to help non-professional planners get the best deals.

Attendance & accommodation

Stay on top of everything with ease

The platform designed so that you never miss a deadline.

  • Avoid penalties: Use the attrition tracker to keep track of booking progress and steer clear of charges
  • Be reminded: Get notified in advance of important deadlines like attrition cutoff dates
  • Consolidate booking info: Enjoy an integrated flow of travel and events where you can see both your travelers’ information like departure city and accommodation needs