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Travel policies

Embedded policies for travel compliance 

Drive compliance and cost-efficiency with dynamic policy and budget guardrails.

Enforce sophisticated travel policies, systematically

Create a set of dynamic policies, directly embedded into the travel booking experience.

  • Automate compliance for every trip

    Guardrails embedded into the booking platform ensure that every trip is within policy, regardless of who is planning

  • Set event parameters and company-wide policies

    From your company approval flows to your event-specific budget, take care of the macro and micro in minutes

  • Get the lowest price for every flight

    Push your preferred airlines in the online booking tool to ensure your travelers always pick the best option

Transient and group travel

Set travel policies and approval flows

  • Set event-specific policies like budget limits, booking options, preferred suppliers, and lowest logical fare. 
  • Set company-wide policies like approval flows, notifications, budget limits, and booking requirements.

Group travel

Maintain visibility and control

  • Keep tabs on individual booking compliance with real-time travel policy analytics.
  • Push your preferred airlines to ensure your travelers always pick the best option.
  • Filter visibility of out-of-policy options so your travelers never go looking elsewhere.
  • Get notified when your approval is needed.
  • Gain context on reasons for out-of-policy bookings.

Travel policies

Centralize your TME program

  • One tool for your trip bookings, hotel room block, and policy reporting.
  • Connect travel and events data for more comprehensive insights.
  • Streamline your policy management and stop searching through different tools and threads.