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Fresh off the press

The comprehensive AI guide for Event Professionals 

Caught up in the rush of AI and not sure where to begin? Our guide is designed to be a comprehensive overview of the state of AI in the event industry.

Why download this guide

This guide begins with a brief journey of the history of Al and how recent developments have particular implications for the events industry.

To ensure you have a practical understanding of how to harness the power of Al, we've meticulously curated a list of the best Al-powered tools that are specifically relevant to event professionals. Each tool is accompanied by a use case and example prompt, with tips on how to not only use the tool but refine its output, maximizing its potential.

Whether you're looking to automate daily tasks, enhance event marketing, or optimize event data analysis, our guide has got you covered.

A peek at what's in it for you

  • Entering the Large Language Model era and why it matters
  • What sparked the recent hype around Al
  • The reality between the fear and excitement of Al
  • The capabilities and limitations of Al when it comes to events
  • In-depth chart of Al-powered tools with use cases and prompts
  • How to choose the right Al tools when you're not an Al expert
  • What ChatGPT thinks is going to happen with Al in the events industry