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Blog article 1 min read

Saving Money with Planned

Promoting company savings has been a core value of the Planned business model since day one.

Preferred vendors and discounts

Negotiating company-level rates with select venues and vendors is one thing. Making sure every employee working on an event is aware is another one. Planned lets you add your preferred vendors through your admin panel so that your company discounts are front and center for everyone in your organization.

Compare quotes

Once event planners have entered their event details, they can receive quotes from multiple suppliers in just a few clicks. That simple process makes it easy to compare prices and negotiate directly from the platform. On top of the time savings, our clients see a minimum of 10% in cost savings with each event just by comparing more options than ever before. 

Discovery of suppliers

In all industries, but especially in event planning, time is money! By using the Planned marketplace and its fine-tuned filters, Planned clients are able to quickly narrow down their search for suppliers and find exactly what they need in less than half the time it would’ve taken them if they had used Google or other search engines.

Onboard Planned and only Planned

Planned Enterprise clients are able to save time and money simply by being a client and using the Planned platform. Without Planned, these event planners go through a vendor onboarding process every time they want to pay a vendor. However, with Planned, clients only have to onboard one vendor (Planned) once and have the ability to book thousands of vendors without any additional onboarding. By avoiding the tedious process of having to onboard new vendors every time they host an event, enterprises are saving time and can focus on creating a successful event.