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9 Trending Ideas for your Summer 2023 Corporate Events

Preslea Jane

Written on

It's summer. Priorities are shifting from KPIs to SPF. So how can you manage to keep your team and clients engaged and bring people together? With unforgettable events.

Here are eye-catching event ideas to ensure early RSVPs across the board.

For the cinephiles

Wes Anderson

With two films coming out this summer and a trend taking over TikTok, a Wes Anderson theme is sure to please attendees of all ages.

Dreamy pastel decor, symmetrical interior design, and cinematic soundtracks will sweep your guests off their feet into the world of Wes Anderson.

Time: late June, nearing the release of the first film of the year, Asteroid City

Place: a luxurious hotel lobby

Decor: soft lighting, pastel colour palettes, patterned rugs, vintage accessories, saturated accent pieces



Experience checklist:

  • Dress code: a character from his films
  • Activity: storytime scavenger hunt based on films
  • Playlist: cinematic soundtrack
  • AV: photo booth


The iconic film is coming back to the screens this summer, directed by Greta Gerwig. The revival is sure to be a trendsetter for the summer of 2023.

Showcase inclusive beauty as Barbie herself “sets off for the human world to find true happiness.”

Time: July summer heat before the release on the 21st

Place: outdoor location during the day, evening at the club with pink ambience and disco balls

Decor: everything floral, saturated, bright, heightened, elegant, shimmery and fun



Experience checklist:

  • Dress code: props and costumes for photos (pink car, cowboy hats…)
  • Activities: rollerskating and glam booth for guests (hair styling and makeup…)

Outdoor film festival

Take to the canals of Venice and the streets of Berlin wherever you are, with a screen, a projector, and anyone keen to disappear into a story.

Time: late August, winding down the end of summer in the warm night air

Place: a rooftop, field, or grassy lawn, replete with cozy seating and glowing lights

Decor: glowing lights, greenery, vintage cameras, old cinema tickets



Experience checklist:

  • Food & Beverages: candy and popcorn stand with classic soda and beers
  • Props: program of films for the evening
  • More: an elegant lounge area for conversation

For the creatives

Literary experience

Bring people together with their favorite books. Gather a variety of paper-covered books with a short description and let your guests choose a book that resonates with them. In a calm environment, everyone enjoys beverages and sweet treats and converses about their choices. Quality conversations are of the moment, and a calmer event can be a nice juxtaposition for the chaos summer can take on.

Time: anytime during the week. This can become a recurring, monthly team event where people bond over their love for books

Place: an elegant loft space or coffee shop

Decor: simple, elegant, white, wooden, flowers



Experience checklist:

  • Activity: choosing a wrapped book based on the description
  • Food & beverages: coffee and pastries, or wine and cheeseboards
  • Playlist: soft lounge music

Crafting beverages

Wine or brews, cocktails or mocktails, have your guests create their own beverages, for wellness, indulgence, and everything in between.

Time: whenever, Thursday or Friday night

Place: vineyards, breweries, open studios

Decor: speakeasy aesthetic with unique glassware and table arrangements



Experience checklist:

  • Activity: learn about the process of crafting beverages
  • Food & beverages: your own!
  • Playlist: Gatsby movie's soundtrack

Creating a mural

or a very large canvas…painting together!

Time: whenever

Place: art studio or gallery

Decor: open white space with painting tools galore


Please Space Studios, New York

Sweet Space, New York

Skylight Loft, New York


Canvas Club, painting

Atelier de Brésoles, art training

1AM graffiti workshop

Experience checklist:

  • For inspiration: brainstorming painting ideas and inspo walls
  • Activities: sketching, painting, spray painting
  • Gifts: polaroid photos to take home of the painting
  • Playlist: old school hip hop

For the mission-driven

Planting trees

Connect over community work in the summer weather.

Time: warm summer day in the grass

Place: outdoor space for planting, somewhere to retreat post-planting

Decor: garden tools! flowers and plants in the post-planting venue



Experience checklist:

  • Activities: learn about the environment and community you will be planting in, planting, getting your hands dirty
  • Food & beverages: nonalcoholic refreshment with organic snacks


Celebrate Pride August 19 to 27 with a combination of educating, supporting, and partying.

Time: evening to night, during Pride month (June.)

Place: from the parades on the streets to the glamorous nightclubs

Decor: everything saturated, colourful, bright, celebratory


Palladium Times Square, New York

Downtown Las Vegas Event Center, Las Vegas

Bord'Elle, Montreal


Experience checklist:

  • Activities: learn about the history of local LGBTQ+ communities, dancing, entertainment
  • AV: sound system and drawing booth

Beach day

Clean up a local beach and end the day with a waterfront picnic.

Time: early evening

Place: local beach or pond, even parks if you're not near water

Decor: linen, candles, ambient lighting, cushions



Experience checklist:

  • Activities: clean up the beach, swimming, beach sports
  • Food & beverages: ice cream truck, potluck, smores

Make summer count

What matters in 2023 for events is a combination of aesthetics and intentionality. People want to see their values reflected in the events they attend, and the companies they support.

There has to be depth to the idea, and it has to feel visually and experientially engaging.

With these ideas, we hope that you and your attendees can create a night to remember that encapsulates the feeling of summer of '23.