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Become a supplier

Planned listings get more leads 

Our marketplace connects you with vetted, top-tier corporations and drives conversions. Joining our marketplace of outstanding suppliers only takes 1 minute.

Why work with Planned

Gain exposure on the no. 1 corporate event planning platform

We're designing the ultimate corporate event platform. Here's what it means for you:

  • Easy-to-use tools help clients find you faster and book quicker
  • Enhanced exposure to Fortune 500 clients
  • Dedicated support from our team to help you at every stage of the partnership

What to expect

The range of events suppliers work with our enterprise clients

We're fine-tuning our product to support any kind of event a corporation could dream of producing — skyrocketing the potential of business for our suppliers.

  • internal spaces
  • small to medium events
  • large corporate events
  • hotel room block

Tools for efficiency

Industry-leading response time for centralized, quick communication

  • Receive detailed inquiries in a standardized, AI-powered event brief
  • Share your availabilities and price estimates in one click
  • Collaborate with everyone on your team with ease

Payments and contracting

An easier way to get paid

  • No more administrative delays: corporate clients don't need to onboard you with accounting
  • Align on payment methods and terms right away
  • Send your contracts and invoice in the platform, which ensures that they're always accessible for your clients

How to get started

Your first booking with Planned in no time

  • Once our Partnership Marketing Agreement is signed, your listing will be created.
  • A quick, virtual onboarding to ensure everything is accurate on your listing: from pricing, features, to point-of-contact and more.
  • Submit your favourite high-quality images and videos to be displayed on your listing.
  • As a venue owner, you can edit the listing yourself and update what clients see in real time!

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Planned?

    Planned is an event sourcing and planning platform that works exclusively with corporate event planners. We thought your business would be a great fit for our client so we recommended you to them.

    • Enhanced exposure to Fortune 500 procurement specialists.
    • Streamlined payment so you’re paid using your preferred payout method.
    • Top-level support from our team to help you navigate the event booking.
  • How much does it cost to join Planned's marketplace?
    • Planned is a free-to-use platform. There are no fees or subscription payments.
    • If you liked your experience and would like to continue to receive leads and inquiries with us, we’d love to get you fully onboarded as a partner! Our onboarded partners work with us through a commission structure.

    💡 To learn more about getting fully onboarded, you can contact our Supply team at [email protected]

  • What is the payment process?

    Enterprise event planners often have limited ways to pay suppliers. Planned helps process these enterprise payments and facilitates payout to you through your preferred method!

    Get more info

  • What does working with Planned look like?
    1. A client sends you an inquiry.
    2. You receive an e-mail with a detailed event brief / inquiry.
    3. You review the event brief and mark yourself as available or unavailable.
    4. If available, you are connected directly with the client to finalize the booking.
  • How do I connect with clients?
    • Planned allows you to work right out of your e-mail inbox.
    • You receive an e-mail whenever a client is interested in learning about your availability & rates.
    • You can click the buttons in the e-mail to set yourself as available, and a messaging thread will be started between you and the event planner for you to further discuss details. Simple!
  • How do clients find me?
    • If your venue/services align with what the corporate event planners are looking for their event and our event specialists recommended your organization to that client, they will reach out to you.
    • If the client wants to learn more about your offerings with an upcoming event opportunity, they will inquire.
  • How do I onboard with Planned?

    We would love to give you full access to Planned! It's the best way to answer inquiries and experience Planned to the fullest. Please complete the short form here and one of our onboarding specialists will be in touch with you shortly.

  • Can I get a quick demo?

    Absolutely! Please complete the short form here and one of our onboarding specialists will be in touch with you shortly.