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Planned for Procurement teams

Savings, control, and visibility for all your events 

Planned makes it easy for procurement teams to unify the sourcing and contracting experience across their entire organization.

Save more through strategic meetings management

  • Put small meetings back on track

    Empower non-professional planners to book simple meetings the right way and strategically step back.

  • Make sure planners always get the best price

    Save more than 10% on each event by leveraging pre-negotiated rates and comparing more quotes.

  • Gain visibility on all events

    Track your spending, savings, and attendance - all from one central dashboard.

Smooth planning

Help your stakeholders plan faster, for less

Planned's intuitive tools enable anyone in your organization to book events from A to Z:

  • Empower planners to better negotiate with Planned's 3 quotes guarantee
  • Push your preferred suppliers and exclusive discounts to all your planners
  • Pay Planned and only Planned, avoid hours of suppliers' onboarding process


Automate your contracting process

No more mediating between suppliers and legal. Delegate your contracting to Planned and claim your lunch break back.

  • Permit Planned to execute contracts on your behalf
  • Push your addendum upfront to all suppliers
  • Pay suppliers through Planned, with your preferred payment method and on your own terms

Keep track & tabs on everything

Do you know exactly how much your sales team spent on catering last year? With Planned, you will.

  • Track spending by department, supplier type, and total event costs and gain real-time visibility
  • Get complete oversight to approve spending and save your team hours of manual spend control
  • Leverage data to negotiate better deals with suppliers

How we help our enterprise clients

  • “ Planned is brilliant. It lets us scale up our M&E volume through preferred suppliers without employing a massive team of planners. ”

    Global Commercial Card Program Manager at a Big Four Accounting Firm
Global Commercial Card Program Manager at a Big Four Accounting Firm